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Free and open source PHP Calendar Scripts. The Calendar Scripts Provide you an easy way to schedule your on-going plans, activities, appointments, important occasions and much more.
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    myCalendar classes can generate configurable month calendars in HTML tables using CSS customize the calendar presentation details.It can present the calendar days in cells as links for pages with the details of each day or even optional presentation effects to change the day presentation when the user drags the mouse over the respective cell.The user can navigate between pages that ...
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    Calendar Multilanguage Generator can output month calendars with titles in multiple idioms. It outputs the current month in an HTML table highlighting the cell that corresponds to the current day.The month and week day names may displayed in different idioms. Currently the idioms that are supported are: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian and Turkish.The comments in the code are ...
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    calend.class.php generates HTML calendars in the portuguese language.
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    Base Calendar is a calendar generation class based on the original version of William J Sanders, that comes with the possibility to use navigation links to switch the month you that is displayed.In the Update there is the possibility to inser Appointment and make it recurrence for one year.
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    Calendar Generator is a simple class to generate a calendar of a given month as an HTML table. The class just takes the month and the year as arguments to generate the whole calendar.
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    Date Picker classes is meant to generate HTML month calendars that can be browsed by the user to let him pick a data.This is an improved version of the BD calendario class originally published in this site by Samuel Aiala Ferreira. The original script did not work when going from December to January and back again. That and other bugs ...
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    Calendar classes is meant to generate HTML to display a given month of the calendar.
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    Date_Calc is a calendar class used to calculate and manipulate calendar dates and retrieve dates in a calendar format. It does not rely on 32-bit system date stamps, so you can display calendars and compare dates that date pre 1970 and post 2038. Features of Date_Calc: - comparing number of days between arbitrary dates, - validating dates, calculating leap years, ...
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    Lucid Calendar is a calendaring software written with the PHP programming language interfacing with a MySQL database. The primary goals of Lucid Calendar include: - Calendar software which allows a small group of posters to display information on a website, - Simple methods which allow webmasters to draw the calendars.- A high degree of customizability for the appearance of the ...
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    PHP iCalWriter includes a set of classes to help the simple creation of iCalendar-files. It provides the easiest means to write a PHP calendar without or without as little knowledge as possible of RFC 2445, in which the iCalendar-format is described. iCalWriter aims to create .ics files in a simple way.
  11. Proverbs Web Calendar
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    This web event PHP calendar using MySQL to stroe database. And it is viewed initially in month format with a separate page detailing the events of each day as they clicked on. Proverbs Web Calendar is customizable within a single file, which allows changes to the title, chooses colors, starts day of the week, display language, time format (24hr/12hr), and ...
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