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Free and open source PHP Calendar Scripts. The Calendar Scripts Provide you an easy way to schedule your on-going plans, activities, appointments, important occasions and much more.
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    Easy PHP Event Calendar can generate HTML with embedded CSS style definitions and JavaScript to display the days of months denoting those that correspond to events from a given list of event days. The week days and months, as well as the icons directory can be configured. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Purpose of Anglican Calendar Script is to determine and write out the applicable liturgical day under the "traditional" Anglican and Episcopal calendar for the current day (for the server; the viewer might actually be in a different day) . By "traditional" we mean as enumerated in the 1662 (Church of England) and 1928 (Protestant Episcopal Church) prayer books. Both of ...
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    jcal outputs the calendar of a given month as an HTML table with possibility to configure the size, colors, font size and titles of the calendar table cells. It also generates links to allow the navigation between the pages that display the calendar of different months. jcal uses a mysql table to access the data and a style script for ...
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    The output can be overridden and database lookups can be easily implemented to form an event system.
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    The calendars are displayed using XHTML tables.Key Features of RCalendar:- Customizable presentation details using CSS styles- Configurable texts using separate language files- Customizable behaviour of events of the mouse associated to eachRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The colors, widths and properties can be edited with ease through class.Calendar.Wanna a pretty Calendar? Use class.Calendar now :)
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    ML_Cal can be used to display month calendars highlighting days associated to special events. It generates month calendars using HTML tables. If any month days is one of the special event dates, the class renders the respective table cell with a different style and shows the event day names.Several calendar presentation details are configurable. The calendar can also be displayed ...
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    Class Calendar takes a given month and year as parameters and it fills the multi-dimensional array, that represents the weeks and the week days, with the respective number of the days of the month. The array positions that represent days before and after the current month are filled with 0.Class Calendar can also return the month name and its length ...
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    The HTML and JavaScript code necessary to display an icon, that when clicked will display a calendar to let the user select a date, can be generated. The chosen date is used to fill a given text input in a given date format.The text for the week days and month names is configurable.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The names of the months and the days of the weeks are configurable so that the calendar can be presented in different idioms.The presentation details can be customized through CSS.
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    Having the days and months names in multiple languages is supported.
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    Holidays of interest can be added or removed easily. Gregorian, Hewbrew, and Islamic calendar utility functions are included.
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    The calendar of a specified month can be displayed in an HTML table. Simple Event calendar can read events defined in a file and mark them in the calendar in a different way.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Persian Calendar With Navigation In Month And Year can display an HTML table with the current month of the Persian calendar. Links to browse calendars of other months and years are displayed in the table.Requirements:PHP 4.1 or higher
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    The width of the calendar table can be configured. Leap years are handled correctly.
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