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Free and open source PHP Calendar Scripts. The Calendar Scripts Provide you an easy way to schedule your on-going plans, activities, appointments, important occasions and much more.
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    PHP Calendar Basic is a open source script free and easy to use PHP Calendar. With it, you may choose whether to let people post events or add them yourself.
  2. Calendar Solution
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    Calendar Solution is a PHP-driven events calendar system. It allows an user to host his own events management system, and keep track of his agenda on his own. An optional API for WordPress Shortcodes is also provided. Features of Calendar Solution:- Calendar view- Detailed list- Summary table- Bullet list- iCalendar lists and items- Admin dashboard- Multiple database support
  3. Free Availability Calendar
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    This Free Availability Calendar script is based on PHP / MySQL and uses a very simple code to generate a calendar which can be embed on your web page using a small piece of HTML code. It can be used on any website where availability needs to be shown.
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    Pyrostia is a free weekly menu planner letting you plan your meals and grocery shopping for the week. Pyrostia is experimental project in alpha stage. Your data is backed up frequently but we do not guarantee against data loss. Installation:In the first version installation is manual and requires the following steps:- Create a database for Pyrostia- Open inc/ and edit ...
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    Free Yearly event Calendar that enables you to look up the calendar for any month of any year. This annual calendar script can be used on any web page. Features of free Yearly event Calendar:- Free Yearly calendar that can be added in to any html web page.- You can use drop down menu to select any year.- Simple and ...
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    The Ajax Availability Calendar is a php script designed to show availability of whatever you might need it for (eg. holiday cottage, hotel rooms etc.). Free to use on your website or application and is currently being used by hundreds, if not thousands, of websites around the world. Features of The Ajax Availability Calendar:- Open Source and FREE to use ...
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    WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors. It then can later be included in other PHP-based applications.WebCalendar can be setup in a variety of ways, such as:- A schedule management system for a single person- A schedule management ...
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    tiCalFile is a PHP script for creating iCal (RFC2445) test calendar files and can be used for testing calendar software etc..The developer can set a number of parameters. These are the number of days with events, number of events per day, event duration, recurring events, alarms, language, file name and much more. Logging can be activated on various levels.What's New ...
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    eventCreator is a web editor for iCal file events. User can import, upload or create a new event and save it to another format like iCal, xCal, RSSCal 1.0 and 2.0. A demo is included with the download package.Features of eventCreator:- Upload of local or remote iCal files- Create and delete of iCal files- Select calendar files for editing- Create, ...
  10. Booking System Pro
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    Simple online booking system for your website and your business . Lightweight, cost-effective and easy to use. Based on PHP.Get a full featured online reservation system for your website and your business today. The system comes with web installer to ease install in your server. Below are the system's features:Script Features:- User friendly and nice user interface- Include a guideline ...
  11. Event Calender
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    This PHP calendar script can be used for storing all your important & memorable personal, as well as your social events. The Home page of the Calendar contains the current month and date. The option is given at the left hand side where in the user can opt for his own choice of month and year, and then the Calendar ...
  12. All-in-One Event Calendar
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    All-in-One Event Calendar is an advanced fully-featured event calendar system for WordPress. It comes packed full of features, allowing multiple management options for stored events.Features of All-in-oen Event Calendar:- Calendar Features For Users- Recurring events- Filtering by event category or tag- Easy sharing with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook and any other system that accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds- Embedded ...
  13. rsscalCreator
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    This is a PHP script to implement the rsscal (RDF) specification of iCal, RFC2445. Only the calendar event component is implemented. Documentation and demos are included with the download package.What's New in this version:- Version setting in function createRSS.
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    This is a PHP widget to display an events calendar, It can retrieve calendar data from iCal or Google Calendar formats and display it in the widget. tinycal offers access to calendar information in month, week, day, list and component views and offers also ablility to download a (complete, part of or single event within) calendar file. tinycal is only ...
  15. Timeline Calendar
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    This is a WordPress plugin for creating timeline calendars. Can be used to create "This day in history" widgets. All events what happen on a specific day must be manually entered in the backend.Features of Timelien Calendar:- Add, edit and delete your own events.- Totally customizable in HTML for all days.- Ability to hide in days with no events.- Ability ...
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