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PHP Cache Script usually provides a cache wrapper to store and retrieve cache data from database, Memcache server or files.
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    Exponsor Mod can access Exponsor site and retrieve ads and sponsored links to display in a given publisher site.The sponsored links may be stored in a MySQL database table that works as a cache, so it avoids overloading Exponsor site server by not accessing the site again in the same day.HTML code can also be generated to display the ads ...
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    Class for caching of full pages or frequently used blocks.phpSuperCache uses the filesystem to avoid database connections bottlenecks. It caches pages using the name of the script and allowed query_strings.phpSuperCache can serve normal html or even gzipped content, if the server and the user navigator allow it.
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    Really Simple Content Cache can check if a given cache file exists and it has not expired. In that case it returns the cached content stored in the cache file. If the cache file does not exist or the cached content has expired, the cache file may be refreshed with new content.Really Simple Content Cache may also invalidate cached content ...
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    Several details can be retrieved by reading and parsing a specified Squid cache.The details, such as the cached URL, SHA1 and MD5 hash values, size and contents of the cached data, cache file creation and last modification dates, can be made available through class variables.
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    The MySQL and SQLite database engines are supported.Key Features of Database Abstraction Layer:- Connect to a database given a connection string- Prepared queries- Caching query results in files- Binding variables to query result columns- Fetch whole result sets into an arrayRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Output Buffering handler enables the script output buffering in such way that the output will be filtered by handler code managed by Output Buffering handler.Multiple handlers, that will process the output one after another, can be added. The handler code is treated as PHP code template that is executed to process the output and return the filtered output.Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    PHPCached connects to a given memcache server and implements commands to set and get cached keys with a given name.Storing and retrieving compressed key values is also supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The contents of a specified remote Web Page can be retrieved and stored in a cache file.Website Cache can check if a cache file for a page exists and it was updated no later than a given expiry time to avoid retrieving the page again.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This package can be used to cache data in files or other types of containers. There is a factory class that manages driver classes that implement the access the actual access to cache containers.The driver classes can store arbitrary data in containers given a cache data identifier and cache group name. Cached data may also be retrieved or removed explicitly.Currently ...
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    File cache class can cache arbitrary data in files in order to reduce the time necessary to regenerate pages or other types of data that does not change every time it is requested.Features of File cache class:- Safe locking of cache files to avoid data corruption caused by simultaneous accesses during cache file updates.- Portable locking schemes. Tested under Linux, ...
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    Cache output and objects checks if a given cache file exists and is updated. If it is updated, it outputs the cached content. Otherwise it starts capturing the output of the current script.When the script is done outputting the content to be cached, it should call the class again to check the cache. Then the class updates the captured output.Cache ...
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    Content cache class can be used to cache content in files. It checks whether a given cache file exists. If it exists and is not expired, the class returns the cache file contents. If it has expired, the class removes the cache file.If the cache file does not exist, the class can create a new cache file with from fresh ...
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    FlashComs chat and messenger applications are fully compatible with Joomla. They are positioned to be the most innovative and feature-rich applications among flash based solutions. Video/audio options as well as basic text chatting provide real time communication experience to website members. Such features like multi-room, one-to-one conversatoins, flexible video window positioning, personal settings, friend/block lists, complete integration with existing users ...
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    Multi-server memcache interface can be used to store and retrieve cached data from distributed cached servers. It can connect to a memcache server from a list of servers to store and retrieve cached data.The memcache server that it connects depends on identifier of the key use to access each cached data item. So, data items are cached in different servers ...
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    Image Cache System can be used to store and retrieve images in a MySQL database.The images are cached in temporary disk files to avoid database access overhead.Image Cache System can store uploaded images keeping the original size or resized to a given width and height.It can also create cache files in a given directory of all stored images optionally with ...
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