PHP Bookmark Management

Free and open source PHP Bookmark Management Scripts. Make your Bookmark easy to use and manage.
  1. Online-Bookmarks
    5004 total visits
    Did you ever want to access your private Favorites while being at work or to share your link collection with others? With Online-Bookmarks you have the possibility to gain a multiuser Bookmark management system that keeps Bookmarks, Favorites and Links online, where they actually are needed. It makes it easy to store browser URL's central and access them from anywhere.Share ...
  2. Guitar Tabs
    293 total visits
    Guitar Tabs is a PHP script for adding guitar tabs to a block of text (song lyrics). The script needs the input lyrics to be formatted into a specific way. The output will be lyrics lines, with guitar tabs shown on top at the beginning of every line. A demo is included with the download package.
  3. No Screenshot
    400 total visits
    Scuttle is a social bookmarking and link indexing PHP app. Scuttle allwos users to register on the site and share/index favorite links. Just think of it as anther Delicious clone.Scuttle uses code from mature open source like Drupal, jQuery, phpBB, XSPF Web Music Player and more.Features of Scuttle:- Share links- Private/public links- Link tagging- Watchlist- User registration
  4. SRESI
    374 total visits
    SRESI is a smart command line bookmarks manager with an optional PHP interface, it was written as a bridge between the good, old hierarchical representation and the more modern tag-based social bookmarking. SRESI can switch from a list of tagged bookmarks to a tree or portal view, with directory names and tags seen as equivalent.Going from tree to tagged list ...
  5. No Screenshot
    611 total visits
    PHP Bookmarks is a simple, easy to configure PHP/MySQL bookmark system that supports themes. PHP Bookmarks is a quick little script to keep track of your bookmarks, IP adresses, whatever.. anything you want to keep groups of in simple list form. It's easy to customize so use it for what you want.PHP Bookmarks has no built in security as of ...
  6. No Screenshot
    1802 total visits
    Bookmarks class is a set of classes to manage a list of bookmarks and several application scripts to provide a Web interface to edit the bookmarks list. This package Bookmarks class follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach to separate the different classes and scripts that take care of the stored information about the bookmarks in a database, presentation of the bookmarks ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1745 total visits
    karatag Sozial Bookmark takes the URL, title and tags to associate to a given site page and generates links and image buttons to add that page to a many social networking sites.Currently karatag Sozial Bookmark supports: Google Reader, Google Bookmarks, Bloglines, Newsgator, Furl, Digg, WebNews, Netscape, Yahoo Bookmarks, Spurl, Diigo, Newsvine,, Simpy, Mister Wong, LinkArena,, OneView, Folkd, Yigg, ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1930 total visits is a CMS to put your bookmarks online with folksonomy support; just like, but the big diference is you will have the complete control of the source code and written on PHP with MySQL as backend we make it cross platform.
  9. No Screenshot
    1617 total visits
    Tabs Links SQL is a simple PHP/MySQL links repository.Features of Tabs Links SQL: - Script in PHP/MySQL - Has no limit to the number of links - It's possible to customize the number of links per page - Each link has Title, Address and Description - Don't needs installation - It has an Admin Module,
  10. No Screenshot
    1949 total visits
    mytoolbar can be used to generate HTML toolbars of image link buttons. It can compose a toolbar of buttons in an HTML table with a link for each button.The link URL, title, onclick event and the button image are configurable.
  11. No Screenshot
    2481 total visits
    Startpage is a script which shows your favortie links. Making this script your startpage enables you to start with your favorite links when you start your browser. You can sort your favorite links by title or by use, which means that the most frequently used links will appear on top while less frequently used links will appear lower. If you ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2357 total visits
    BookmarkParser is a class, to process Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera bookmarks.The class iterates through a given set of bookmarks and calls user defined functions for different events. With this bookmarks can easily be ported, saved or displayed on web pages. Works with PHP4 and PHP5.
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