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PHP Numerical and Statistical algorithms
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    ASoundex implements a variant of the soundex algorithm for Arabic. The soundex algorithm converts words into an hash that represents the way the word is spelled in English.ASoundex implements a modified version the algorithm to consider Arabic spelling and windows-1256 character set encoding instead of English.
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    Phonex implements a variant of the phonex algorithm for the French idiom.The phonex algorithm is an evolution of the soundex algorithm that converts words into an hash that represents the way the word is spelled in English.Phonex implements a modified version the algorithm to consider French spelling instead of English.
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    Soundex implements a variant of the soundex algorithm for the French idiom.The soundex algorithm converts words into an hash that represents the way the word is spelled in English. Soundex implements a modified version the algorithm to consider French spelling instead of English.
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    Odds algorithm implements the odds algorithm. This is a decision making support algorithm is used for instance to determine the right moment stop negotiations.
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    phpOCR is a script can be used as a tool for optical character recognition.It can recognize text in monochrome graphical images after a training phase. The training phase is necessary to let the class build recognition data structures from images that have known characters.The training data structures are used during the recognition process to attempt to identify text in real ...
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    Anagrams can generate anagrams from given words.It can take an input word and generate all anagrams permuting the order of its letters. Research can be pursued by 'brutal force' approach as well as filtered by rules.The resulting anagram words can be optionally saved to a file.
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    Numerical performs several types of numerical and statistical functions.Features of Numerical:- generates gaussian normal distributions,- does numerical integration of arbitrary functions,- generates random numbers with gaussian distributions,- provides a number of standard statistical functions, e.g., mean, standard deviation, variance, etc.,- has two different methods of solving for the roots of an equation (bisection and steepest descent),- converts floating point to ...
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    dm.Complex can be used to perform arithmetic operations with complex can add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate the square root, logarithm and exponential of complex values. It may also perform basic comparisons like testing whether a complex number is equal to zero or is equal to another complex number.There is also another class to manipulate complex number given its polar ...
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    Sunset & Sunrise can be used the to calculate the time of sunrise and sunsite of any place in the world. It takes the latitude and longitude coordinates of a place as well its timezone offset and calculates the sunrise and sunset time for today.The calculations also consider daylight savings time adjustments. Sunset & Sunrise calculates sunrise and/or sunset for ...
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    SortMultiArray will return a sorted multi-dimmensional array sorted by one of the columns in the array. It can sort in ascending and descenting order.
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    bNewton Newton's binomial theorem to solve and to display equations. It can determine the binomial coefficients and show an equivalent equation.You can use bNewton to get result to binomial number too.
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    Love match is a simple class class that computes a "love" factor dependent on the values of the letters of the names of two people.Love match returns a value in percentage. 100% is good for you and your love, 0% and you can stop thinking about her or him. It is meant for attracting teenagers to a site.
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    roundrobin.php script determines a schedule for n-players playing n/2 games per match for n-1 matches, where the same two players never meet more than once.Statistically speaking it finds (n/2)*(n-1) unique combinations of n items.
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    RCD script was made following some informations given during a stage in a lab. Basically, it can calculate a number of parameters, with a number of given arguments.At the moment, it can calculate the half-life of a group of atoms given the age and the current activity, the age of a group of atoms using the half-life and their activity, ...
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