Free and open source PHP scripts Interact with the Web Server without page reloading
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    AJAX Poll can be used to present and process a poll without reloading the page where it appears. It uses an HTML template to present the poll page. The poll options appear as radio buttons in a place determined by the template.AJAX Poll also generates the necessary Javascript to submit the poll votes to the server and present the current ...
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    Shopping Cart class can be used to manipulate the items of a shopping cart using AJAX to avoid making the user leave the current page.Shopping Cart class can generate HTML and Javascript to show the list of items in the shopping cart.The list has form submit buttons to trigger the execution of AJAX requests that can add or remove items ...
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    Detector can be used to determine which plug-ins the user browser supports and what is the available screen resolution.Detector uses AJAX to send the browser plug-ins and screen resolution information without reloading the current page. A script can collect the information sent via AJAX and store it in server side files.
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    pAjax can be used to make the browser invoke actions executed on the server side without reloading the current page. It sends what is known as AJAX requests that consist in Javascript calls that sends HTTP requests to the server encapsulate the eventual parameters of the requested actions. Parameters can be any type of data, including objects, arrays, strings, numbers ...
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    Ajax Table Edit can be used to edit data in the cells of an HTML table using AJAX to save the changed cell values without reloading the current page. It takes an bi-dimensional array as parameter to define the contents of the cells of the table to be edited. Then it generates the table HTML with the necessary JavaScript code ...
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    Super AJAX Programming Seed is a tight little program that illustrates a simple implementation of AJAX technology using HTML and PHP, and offers suggestions for how to use the technology to make super-dynamic web applications from scratch.
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    AJAX Rating Counter can be used to implement a star rating system that uses AJAX to update the average rate without reloading the rate page after a user has voted. It can display the current average rating between 1 to 10 using star icon images.A new rating submitted by an user is sent to the server using an AJAX request. ...
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    Simple AJAX can be used to execute server side actions without reloading the current page. It uses XMLHttpRequest objects to send the what is known as AJAX requests and collects the responses that can be used to update parts of a page.The AJAX requests can be associated to server side PHP scripts that execute the necessary actions and output the ...
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    Sigma visual builder is web based tool for AJAX RIA application UI rapid design and involved scripts programming. It is written in pure javascripts(Sigma Linb), Sigma visual builder products great compatibilities with web browsers. Developers can develope your web application just like what you do in VB or Delphi. More than 25 components supported Features of Sigma visual ajax UI ...
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    PHP Threader can be used to trigger the execution of multiple server side scripts via AJAX or PHP sockets. It has an OOP structure allowing adding calling threads methods or communication methods as add-ons with no major changes.PHP Threader comes with two default thread calling methods:- Ajax : in Ajax Method It generates Javascript to trigger the execution of one ...
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