Free and open source PHP scripts Interact with the Web Server without page reloading
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    MADAL allows one to quickly generate ajax enabled web-pages. MADAL is an Ajax based database access layer for MySQL written in PHP and Javascript. It generates PHP and Javascript/jQuery source code that is well documented, so you can use your IDE's auto-completion against database tables and fields. The documentation was designed with PHP Eclipse in mind, but should work for ...
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    This script can be used to process AJAX requests calling PHP class functions. It checks the request parameters to detect AJAX requests perform with the MultiAjax Javascript library.The script extracts the AJAX request handler function name and any request parameters. A function of the class with the specified name is called passing the parameters received from the AJAX request.The value ...
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    This package can be used to generate HTML from element definitions in an array. It takes an array that describes properties of page elements and generates HTML that represents the described elements. It provides several classes that can be used to generate HTML forms with AJAX based validation and grids that support sorting and pagination. The presentation of the elements ...
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    This class can be used to generate XML documents for JQuery Taconite plug-in. The class composes and serves a XML document with the structure expected by Taconite plug-in to execute several types of commands:- Insert, update or remove HTML content- Show or hide elements- Change the CSS class of document elements- Change the CSS style properties of document elements- Execute ...
  5. gAjax
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    This package can be used to execute PHP functions from Javascript using AJAX calls. It registers PHP function that may be called from Javascript. Then it can generate the necessary Javascript code to call those PHP functions using AJAX.A separate helper class can be used to generate Javascript code to be executed when the PHP functions are called.
  6. Ext Direct App
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    This script can be used to call PHP classes from Javascript using ExtJS JavaScript library. It generates Javascript code to use the ExtJS library and send AJAX requests to PHP script using this class to handle the requests.The script should be extended to implement the actions to handle the different types of AJAX requests that the applications may need.
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    This is a very simple Script that can be used to automatically translate pages automatically using jQuery plug-in.It just generates HTML with Javascript that invoke the jQuery translate plug-in to translate the current page content using Google AJAX language API.
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    This script can be used to implement CAPTCHA validation using colored boxes that the user must click which are validated using AJAX requests.It renders a grid of boxes on which only one box is colored differently to indicate the user must click it.The script sends an AJAX request to the server passing the coordinates of the user clicks until a ...
  9. clsJSPHP
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    This script can be used to update page sections without reloading the whole page by performing AJAX requests.The script generates the necessary Javascript code to perform AJAX requests in a way that works with the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari.The script provides several functions that can generate the necessary Javascript that can implement several types of actions when it ...
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    This package can be used to handle browser events in PHP. It can register event handler callback functions that should be handled when certain events are triggered.The main script takes requests to raise events and dispatch them by calling the registered event handler functions.A specialized sub-class can decode JSON object parameters passed from JavaScript running on the browser to the ...
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    This script can be used to update only parts of pages when links are clicked using AJAX to avoid full page reloading. It uses some Javascript code to intercept the clicks on the current page links. The link clicks trigger AJAX POST requests to fetch the content to update specific page sections, instead of the whole page. If the browser ...
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    This script can be used to display month calendars in HTML tables. It can generate HTML tables that display the days of calendar months of whole years.The script displays links that allow browsing different month calendars using AJAX to avoid page reloading.
  13. AJAXPoll
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    This script can be used to display poll questions and collect the results using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It can take as parameters a poll question and the HTML to display for each of the poll answers.The script generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to display the poll on a Web page and submit the answer that the user ...
  14. AJAX Tree view class
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    This script can be used to display a tree view that uses AJAX. It can query a MySQL database and generate HTML with Javascript that renders nodes of a collapsible tree.When a node is clicked, it sends an AJAX request to the server to retrieve the contents of the node.
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    It displays the current content rating level by the number of starts from 1 to 5. An user can submit his own rating by clicking on the respective star. When a new rating is submitted, an AJAX request is triggered to send the user rating. The AJAX request response is used to display the updated star rating level.
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