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    AJAXFilterSelect is a HTML_QuickForm element designed to provide a dropdown select element populated with results from an AJAX-enabled search field. It is PHP script based on PEAR::HTML_AJAX. AjaxFilterSelect must be given valid callback information, which tells it where to retrieve the search results.
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    This class can be used to generate Javascript to send AJAX requests using jQuery library.It can generate HTML with Javascript code to call the jQuery library to send several types of requests.Currently it can send GET requests, send form POST requests and load content into page elements.
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    This class can be used to display a tree of nodes that can be opened dynamically from data retrieved from a database on the server via AJAX.It generates HTML and Javascript to display tree nodes as links.When a node link is is clicked, the generated Javascript performs an AJAX request to a script that uses the class to retrieve data ...
  4. Thesaurus tooltip
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    This class can be used in conjunction with a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a small box appears with supplementary information regarding the item being hovered over.It must be used in conjunction with a few Javascript libraries that submit the page body HTML content to the server via AJAX.On the server, ...
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    This class can be used to process and display rating stars given by the user to site content. It can generate HTML and Javascript to let the user rate site content.When the user rates content an AJAX request using Iframe is sent to the server to avoid page reloading.The class updates the content ratings stored in a MySQL database and ...
  6. Sortable Elements
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    This class can be used to display MySQL database table records in an HTML table that can be sorted by dragging rows.It generates HTML and Javascript to display the records of a MySQL table in HTML table rows that can be dragged to sort the table elements.The class sends AJAX requests to send changes of the table elements to the ...
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    This class can be used to generate AJAX request responses in JSON format. It can define one or more keys and values that will define the actions that will be perform by JavaScript code on the browser side as response to an AJAX request.The class converts the response values into an array that is outputted in JSON encoded format. The ...
  8. SleekTabs
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    This class can be used to generate a tab based Web interface. It generates HTML with Javascript to present a tab bar with links that when clicked switch the content that is presented underneath.The content is loaded from the server using AJAX to avoid page reloading.The tab links may have a fallback URL that is used when loading the pages ...
  9. Simple chat
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    This script implements a simple Web and MySQL based chat system. Simple chat script is an Open Source PHP free chat script.It generates HTML and JavaScript to display a chat box and a form input to submit new chat line entries using AJAX to avoid page reloading.A script receives the new chat lines and stores them in a MySQL database. ...
  10. Er. Rochak Chauhan
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    This class can be used to execute server side actions without reloading the current page.It uses XMLHttpRequest objects to send the what is known as AJAX requests and collects the responses that can be used to update parts of a page.The AJAX requests can be associated to server side PHP scripts that execute the necessary actions and output the request ...
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    This class can be used to convert URLs in text to links using . It can parse a text to find HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS links.The class sends requests Web services API to convert the URLs that it finds into HTML links using the URLs.
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    This package can be used to create Web based role play games (RPG).It is not yet finished but it already implements some important features:- Map engine: it can display maps with a bi-dimensional perspective that can be browsed interactively using AJAX. The map definition modules are simple easy to create text files.- Events engine: used to generate events on a ...
  13. phpMyDataGrid 2007 - AJAX Enabled Datagrid
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    phpMyDataGrid 2007 offers a toolkit to build a DataGrid in a PHP based environment. It allows the application programmer, to build and deploy with very few lines of code and in a short period of time a complete AJAX enabled datagrid with paging, searching, sorting and more, much more... It is useful for all PHP database-driven Web site and online-based ...
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    This script can be used to show paginated listings updated using AJAX. It takes as arguments the an array of data entries to display in the pages and the limit number of entries to display per page.The script generates HTML and JavaScript for navigation links to update the listing without reloading the page when the links are clicked.
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    This package implements an AJAX based notes editor. It generates a user interface panel divided in three sections updated without reloading using AJAX: a menu, a folder list and the content viewer.The content section displays forms for creating, viewing and editing notes.The folders section lists the available section. The content section is updated when a folder item is selected to ...
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