PHP Ad Management

Free and open source PHP ad management scripts for managing, serving, rotating and tracking image banners, text ads and other rich multimedia ads like Flash on your site.
  1. Useful Banner Manager
    1829 total visits
    There are many WordPress blogs which have or need to have banners on them. So a banner manager plugin is very useful for those blogs. This plugin is created for it. The plugin helps to manage the banners over the WordPress blog. It is very easy to use. Try it and be assured.
  2. PHPads
    4390 total visits
    PHPads is a simple php script that allows management of a banner ad rotations. There is an admin panel that allows the admin to add banners, and specify the length of ad campaign. There is also a way for the admin to see single stats outside the admin panel on any banner campaign (good for those wanting to sell banner ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    The plugin will allow any site owner to monetize his online presence in a much easier and comprehensive way. The features of Simple Ads Manager- Flexible logic of advertisements rotation based on defined weight of each advertisement in group (Ads Place)- Custom default ad for each Ads Place Allowed types of ad’s codes are HTML, javascript, PHP- Codes of Google ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    A WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange Script allows webmasters to exchange Text Adverts similar to Google's Adsense across their websites without the need to outlay any cash. The script owner will set a ratio for the exchange that will create an inventory which he can sell. The WalkerSoftware script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Can be used to run an advertising business, but can also be used to run ads just on one site as well. Features of Orbit Open Ad Server - Can work with three ads sources- Detailed documentation and friendly community- Can be integrated with any website- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Payment gateways support- High performance, fully-functional commercial version at any ...
  6. No Screenshot
    271 total visits
    PHPjabbers now has to offer a free Banner and Link Click Counter. The script caounts the number of times each link is clicked. The Banner and Link Click Counter is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store data. Installation is easy and simple. Just open database.sql and import the MySQL queries in your database. Edit config.php and set your ...
  7. Open4Listing
    838 total visits
    Open4Listing is an open source classifieds site, powered by PHP and MySQL. It was created mainly for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Real Estate Professionals, as an online listing software. It was released by INFO CITY SRL, the creators of various real estate websites. Open4Listing is SEO-friendly, AD free and can easily be modified to meet your needs. With it ...
  8. No Screenshot
    219 total visits
    Ad Code Manager is a GUI for managing ad codes in WordPress sites. The plugin adds a page in the WP admin backend for managing all advertising codes. Features of Ad Code Manager:- Add new ad codes- Modify the parameters for a script URL- Define conditionals to determine when the ad code appears Requirements:- WordPress 3.1 or Higher What's New ...
  9. No Screenshot
    381 total visits
    OpenSourceClassifieds is a software developed using an open source technology stack, to offer you a complete classified ads solution, ready for high volumes of traffic. Features of OpenSourceClassifieds:- General ads or specialised through plugins (cars, jobs, real estate, dating, etc)- Multi-lingual: English, spanish, catalan, romanian, french and more!- Lots of options for customisation: Currencies, date-time formats and more!- Integration with ...
  10. RanCon
    171 total visits
    This is a free PHP ad mangement script that can be used to insert random content of any type into PHP web pages. Meanwhile, its application does NOT count hits, track hits, make lists of any kind: It simply outputs a random file name for inclusion in another page.It just doesn't get any more simple. As a general rule, if ...
  11. Simple AdSense Insert
    201 total visits
    This WordPress plugin allows the admin to control the way Google AdSense ads are placed on his blog. Full control over display and content is provided. Simple AdSense Insert provides a basic way of inserting AdSense adverts into your WordPress installation, whilst having full control of display and content.Requirements:- WordPress 2.0.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Parameters now sent ...
  12. Retrieve Adsense Earnings
    260 total visits
    This is a simple and open source PHP script use cURL extension to login to your Adsense account and retrieve your earings. You just need to provide you Google's username and password, and choose the data you want to grab.Requirements:- cURL extension- Google Adsense account- Set Google Adsense account to use older website version (this will not work on the ...
  13. No Screenshot
    193 total visits
    This script will randomly display a pre-defined list of banners anywhere within your site. The main features which allows you to setup a list of banners you want to rotate as well as remove or modify banners already in the list. No editing of text files is needed. The script allows for easy updates of new banners without you having ...
  14. Pop under class
    223 total visits
    This script can be used to display interstitial advertising. It generates HTML and JavaScript that makes an advertising page appear on the current page and then automatically disappears if the user clicks on the skip link or does not click on the advertising after a few seconds.The advertising display time is configurable. The same user may also not be exposed ...
  15. Banner Simple
    479 total visits
    Banner Simple is pretty much what it sounds like: a very simple banner rotation program. No fancy administration area, campaigns, or logging and statistics. Just a very fast, efficient, and easy to set up and operate program for people who want to randomly rotate banners and not worry about all the frivolous stuff and perpetual bug squashing. 
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