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    Utopia is a PHP 5 CMS, intended to support the most recent Web standards and Web 2.0 programming techniques. Original features include PDO, Webforms processing, XSL rendering and so on.Three main objectives in Utopia CMS: - performances, - security, - scalability.
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    litfass, a webbased multiuser bibliography management tool. it allows to convert to bibtex, bibtexml and other formats such as html, text,.. the user is allowed to define own formats via xsl style sheets. anonymous users can be allowed to browse lists.
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    xslfo2pdf, an xsl-fo/svg to PDFconverter written in plain PHP.NOTE: DEVELOPMENT STOPPED.
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    dizzyPages is a PHP5 framework for building web applications. It provides a prototyping tool to quickly build the workflow of your application.Then create custom presentations with the supplied XSL templates and business logic with the PHP5 API.
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    Personal CMS - BCWB (XSL, FileFlat) is a Content management system with direct pages editing based on user W3C XSLT patterns representation.
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