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  1. XOOPS
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    XOOPS is a free OpenSource PHP CMS project and Web Application Platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. It is object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.Features of XOOPS:- Database-driven: XOOPS uses relational databases (currently MySQL) to store data required for running a ...
  2. X-Forum
    849 total visits
    X-Forum is an extensible PHP forum based on XOOPS, which is a great solution to forum requirements, complete with RSS features and image management. This free PHP project will utilize a wide range of options and allow your community to discuss issues, raise topic and solution. XOOPS 2.3 and earlier version were supported by X-Forum in response to problems with ...
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    Myquiz is a xoops quiz module. It is a framework for the Xoops quiz with features for easy to use. Myquiz is an Open Source PHP test project.Features of Myquiz:- sliding questions - unlimited subcategory- top 5 section- new admin menu- new category and quiz list page- jquery support- more effective pages- Comment System- BBcodes added to questions end answers.- ...
  4. Oledrion
    1609 total visits
    Oledrion is aimed to be the e-Commerce module for Xoops. Oldrion is a XOOPS e-Commerce module used to sell physical products but also to sale intangible products with online payment with Paypal.The product can manage vendors, VATS, categories, manufacturers, discounts, orders, online inventory, create an RSS feed, etc.
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    Xoops2 Torrent, Tracker/Announce Server is a comprehensives module for xoops that allows for uploading and submission of external torrents. X-Torrent is a module which offer full control of torrents in xoops, it will poll and provide a tracker to your xoops.
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    Xoops Umfrage is a module for the XOOPS CMS for polls. It derived from xoopspolls with blind voting selectable for each poll and better front end presentation.DE: Modul fr Umfragen fr Xoops mit geheimer Abstimmung und gegenber xoopspoll verbessertem Frontend.
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    Xplaincart is a simple cart suitable to be used in the XOOPS CMS environment. The main payment method is IPN PAYPAL.
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    XOOPS um Sistema de Gerenciamento de Contedo, em ingls, Content Management System (CMS). Pronuncia-se foneticamente como "czups" ou zoo'ps e um acrnimo de "eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System".
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    Nivelamento, a xoops module that allows teachers to create online examinations to determine the level of a student in a language. The questions are multi answer type.
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    The scope of the project is the creation of modules for the XOOPS CMS/Portal open source system.
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    xoopsdk, Dansk samlingssted for oversttelser til XoopsDanish collection of translations for Xoops
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    2008 total visits
    YAXOO (Yet Another XOOps) - Learn about XOOPS CMS, download modules and themes for XOOPS. Download new modules for XOOPS developed by YAXOO.Make Internet better and have fun :-)
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    2018 total visits
    Providing a hub for the development of modules for the E-Xoops CMS, including the porting of existing modules developed for other CMSs.Modules developed here are intended to have be consistent with the E-Xoops core code and to use E-Xoops core functiona
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    ModsCentral provides a central hub system for Modules based upon the Xoops dynamic open source portal script written in PHP. The XOOPS community has more than dozen official support sites around the world which support non-English speaking user.
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    2052 total visits
    XoopsForge is a Xoops Community development framework plugin - a SourceForge-like clone for team software development and collaboration. With options that make the difference between small and large companies. A stable release is available soon.
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