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  1. XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML
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    XMLNuke is a Framework for Web development Applications and it is integrated with a Content Management System fully based in XML. XMLNuke provides several classes for abstract the use of XML and the environment of Web application. Features of XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML:- It creates an abstraction layer in which the programmer is concerned only with the code. The ...
  2. Lithron
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    Lithron is a CSS2 compatible PDF renderer for XML templates based on PDFlib written in PHP5. It's super-slim and comes with a lot of features, like image import and unicode support.Lithron a BSD-licensed CSS2 compatible PDF-Renderer is written in PHP5 which touches down on the PDFlib. It is an OpenSource PHP PDF project. Lithron processes XML-Templates to ready PDF files. ...
  3. FiForms Framework
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    The FiForms Framework is an Application Development Framework for building web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience. The FiForms Framework enables developers to build web/database applications rapidly in XML. Using FiForms XML Application Markup, a developer can build a complete database application without writing ...
  4. MIM:InfiniX
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    MIM:InfiniX Manuale Intermediale della Modernita': Infinite Info in Xml PHP-XHTML-XML-XSL-CSS-AJAX-RDF. Design your CMS and store data in XML files and/or MySQL database. It's a multisite and multilanguage CMS. Flexible form with RDF on the database.
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    PHP Kernel, PHP/AJAX/DHTML framework for rapid applications development.Automatic environment recognition: - mobile devices;- SOAP; - XML-RPC; - RSS.
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    ERYX is a flexible, fast and easy-to-use XML content management system with a whole bunch of integration opportunities for XHTML, Flash, InDesign, PDF, and any web-based software that makes excessive use of XML-files. ERYX is fully driven by a native XML database. It is written in PHP and uses XPath and DOM to navigate through the database, for making database ...
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    DocBook DokuWiki is a wiki system that includes DocBook XML support. It allows collaborative writing of DocBook XML documents in a wiki way. It supports section level editing with locking, as well as an easy document structure editor.
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    The aim of OsMastermap Itn to Mysql is to translate an Osmatermap GML file to a MySQL database.
  9. PHP2Go Web Development Framework
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    PHP2Go is a development framework designed to help experienced developers and beginner programmers to create Web-based Systems. It's an object-oriented, structured and hierarchical set of classes and libraries developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript.
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    Reportmaker allows you to define a generic report in xml containing sections,graphs,tables,images.The data can be retrieved directly with sql query.The report can be exported in various formats (html,xml,rtf,pdf).
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    GRxmlEDIT is a PHP based web application designed to make the manual creation of XML and RSS files easier. A web form allows you to add custom nodes with children, and set their content.The names of each element can be set.
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    berry is a XML-based interpreted language for many purposes.
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    MiniXML is a simple API to generate and parse XML. It's advantages are ease-of-use and the fact that no additional libraries are required.MiniXML provides classes for XML documents and elements in either a 100% PHP or a 100% Perl implementation.
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    NmnLogger is a small set of PHP classes developed to create a simple abstracted logging mechanism, giving the ability to create complex and functional xml driven logging systems within minutes.
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    ColGUI is an Open Source distributed web-based GUI builder aimed at increasing designer collaboration on GUI projects. It can read Glade XML layouts and translate them into an interactive DHTML format for lightweight user interactions.
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