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    XDForum is a WordPress plugin that adds a forum to your WordPress blog. It is similar in structure to phpBB and vBulletin but does not have the enterprise features that arent needed on a blog forum. Simply upload, activate and set your options.
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    Gallina 4 Wordpress is a plugin for wordpress that read a gmail account and publish on your blog the email flagged with the star.
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    Scroller: A Wordpress Theme is just another Wordpress theme.
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    Subtle is a customizable Wordpress theme framework with built-in i10n, widget handling, simple dashboard administration, and support for FeedBurner and Wordpress Multiuser.
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    Hogit' s Wordpress Warcraft Themes, Wordpress themes from Hogit on Silvermoon.
  6. SkratchPad
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    SkratchPad is an enhanced and pre-configured version of WordPress for use by projects in order to author, share and maintain information and content.
  7. Arabic WordPress
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    Arabic WordPress, arabic version of WordPress bloging software.
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    IWThemes is an OpenSource PHP template engine. It is an implementation of innovative methods in the development of qualitative themes and templates for WordPress publishing platform. Furthermore, IWThemes is compatible with CMS and compatible to others young developing CMS, based on WordPress.
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