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  1. Mantis
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    MantisBT is a free and open source web-based bug tracking system written in PHP and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. It is created to aid product bug tracking. It has been installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, and others. Almost any web browser should be able to function as a client. Features of ...
  2. epesi BIM
    2822 total visits
    Epesi BIM is a free Open Source PHP CRM and framework for building dynamic web applications. BIM stands for Business Information Manager. The project is designed to store, organize, link and share information between people within a single business or organization. Epesi has a modular design and can be easily customized and modified to match your processes and workflow. It ...
  3. PHP Doc System
    934 total visits
    PHP Doc System is a modular PHP document creating system. Instead of having to copy/paste information you'd want to have in 2 or more places, You can create modules for documentation elements (installation steps, buttons, screens, etc.) and then refer to them. Here's an example, if you have an application that has buttons on a toolbar which appears on several ...
  4. WinLAMP
    2226 total visits
    WinLAMP: Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP is not Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP: WinLAMP. WinLAMP is an installer for Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Runs on Windows 2000 or better.WinLAMP also optionally installs phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, documentation help files, and an ActivePerl installer. Mini version installs only Apache & PHP.
  5. No Screenshot
    2020 total visits
    SMBindex is a file search engine for local Samba and PHP search engine for Windows network. It contains indexing perl script & search engine based on PHP.
  6. AppServ
    1616 total visits
    AppServ is an merging open source software installer package for Windows and Linux.
  7. No Screenshot
    1568 total visits
    APhPLIX Development Studio, is an open source Rapid Application Development environment for designing, developing and deploying WebBrowser-based applications that look, feel and act like regular window-based applications.
  8. No Screenshot
    500 total visits
    HIOX GuestBook is a PHP Guestbook utility. It is suitable for any webpage for anyone who wants a guestbook.Features HIOX GuestBook:- The guestbook script can be added in to any web page.- Configurable look and feel- You can view user's comments one by one, with previous and next option.- File based utility. No configurations required.- Admin option to login and ...
  9. Unattended GUI and management system
    2008 total visits
    Support unattended installation of several Linux(kickstart,preseed,autoyast) and Windows(W2k,XP,W2k3,Vista,7,W2k8).Features of Unattended GUI and management system: - inventory, - software management,- dhcp-ldap, - dns-ldap, - php-ssh, - syslog-ng, - switch managment, - ldap browser, - pxe management.
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