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    SCHLIX is a lightweight, extensible PHP content management system. It is Written in PHP and MySQL, it allows webmasters to quickly build and easily manage the content of a website. Gekko Web Builder requires almost no technical skill or HTML to operate. Gekko Web Builder has been tested and works with CPanel, Plesk, and EasyPHP (Windows). Features of SCHLIX:- Themes- ...
  2. MyLivo
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    MyLivo is a web software that help you to create live and realtime website. By "MyLivo" you can create a realtime website without any coding, just post your content and your users see it realtime and without delay. It means you can have a realtime website without any coding, just download, install and use. Features of MyLivo:- It's Realtime and ...
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    WWW-ADMIN is a set of tools (ftp,sql clients and etc), which helps You to administrate your web pages. It is multi-platform, also it supports many users. Requirements: - PHP - MySQL
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    Simple Website System is intented for people who want to have a basic website in which they can update or fill with content freely. Main goal of Simple Website System is to provide the basic features in the most user friendliest form.
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