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  1. MailWatch for MailScanner
    2385 total visits
    MailWatch for MailScanner is a web based front-end to MailScanner written in PHP, MySQL and JpGraph. Features of MailWatch for MailScanner:- Displays the inbound/outbound mail queue size (currently for Sendmail/Exim users only), Load Average and Today’s Totals for Messages, Spam, Viruses and Blocked Content on each page header.- Colour-coded display of recently processed mail.- Drill-down onto each message to see ...
  2. AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP
    3925 total visits
    AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP is a free PHP webmail application with skins support using AJAX. It is a fast and easy-to-use webmail front-end for your existing POP3/IMAP mail server or cPanel.Users of AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP can receive, view, manage, compose, and send email through web interface (POP3 and SMTP supported). Source code included.Whether you need a free web browser ...
  3. Postfix Admin
    2710 total visits
    Postfix Admin is a Web Based Management tool created for Postfix. It is a PHP based application that handles Postfix Style Virtual Domains and Users that are stored in MySQL or PostgreSQL.Features of Postfix Admin:- MySQL or PostgreSQL database support- Fetchmail support- Vacation / auto- reply support- Squirrelmail / Roundcube integration- Web based administration for a virtual Postfix mail server
  4. Emexis-Webmail
    2138 total visits
    emexis-webmail is a skin for the well-known Squirremail The intention of this project is to create more friendly interface for the End User. O SquirrelMail cliente por si só é um completo sistema de webmail, mas a preocupação em torná-lo compatível com diversos navegadores e sistemas, tornou a sua interface visualmente deficiente. Com objetivo de solucionar essa deficiência foi desenvolvido ...
  5. T-dah WebMail
    2197 total visits
    T-dah webmail project based on uebimiau with new updates, template skins, filters, chat and calendar. T-dah Webmail is small, efficient, very easy to install and is always being improved.Features of T-dah WebMail:- Full featured webmail based on apache- Complete POP3 Webmail Reader- Runs under any System with PHP- Running on all Windows and Linux- Does not use a database or ...
  6. AarMail - Fake Emailer
    2130 total visits
    This anonymous emailer script written in PHP is a free, opensource project designed to send EMails from anyone to anyone, with additional details such as Reply-To ,an anti-spam CAPTCHA and a WYSIWYG.
  7. Mail8
    2102 total visits
    Mail8 is a simple webmail application written in PHP which can be used and integrated in any Email Server supporting IMAP protocol.
  8. XPertMailer
    1655 total visits
    XPertMailer is a PHP class that will help you send/read encoded MIME type mail messages (text, HTML, HTML embedded images, attachments) towards a localhost, client, relay with optional authentication and TLS/SSL support.Features of XPertMailer:- Can send e-mails with multiple TOs, CCs, BCCs- Multipart MIME format for mail clients that do not read HTML e-mail- Multiple ways to send e-mails (local, ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1893 total visits
    Php Virtual Admin for Postfix, web interface for postfix administration.This interface is for configuring, administration of virtual domains in postfix with pgsql backend.It can configure domains(add,delete,modify), virtual emails(add,modify,delete) and email forwards(maps).
  10. No Screenshot
    2110 total visits
    Sapotora is a webbased mail system, specialized on customer support. Mails that were sent to a single mail address will be processed and grouped into threads, which can be handled by the support staff. Sapotora is pluginextendable.
  11. SmartSieve
    2185 total visits
    SmartSieve is a web based graphical user interface for creating and managing sieve scripts for mail filtering and vacation messaging on a cyrus imap mail server. The project is written in PHP, SmartSieve is easy to configure and use.
  12. PHPXmail
    2134 total visits
    PhpXmail is a web based management software for the Xmail mail server written in php. It's main usage is as a GUI (Graphic User Interface) to the Xmail administration extensions. It allows the administrator of the mail server to perform configuration management and monitoring tasks for the mail server.It allows the postmaster for each domain the Xmail server is configured ...
  13. PoCoMy
    1897 total visits
    PoCoMy: Postfix + Courier + Mysql :: Webfrontend for administration. Webfrontend written in PHP with the goal to ease administration of a Postfix/Courier(IMAP/POP) system based on a mysql-backend. Features of PoCoMy: - Virtual domains, - forwarding, - aliases, - sender aliases, - multi user, - multi language, - privileges system, - delegation of rights per domain.
  14. webpostman
    1963 total visits
    webpostman, a system responsible for managment imap/POSTFIX Server email accounts, using MySql databases.
  15. No Screenshot
    1771 total visits
    The Macromail (Macrowing Webmail) is a webmail client which is programmed using php and php_imap. Running on Linux/Unix system, using maildir format for keeping mails. It's simple, easy to use.
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