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  1. Hivemail Webmail Portal
    1542 total visits
    HiveMail, a PHP Webmail Portal script backed with a comprehensive Admin Control Panel which reveals all relevant user data & activity and lets you manage your Users, Groups and even paid Subscriptions easily and effectively. HiveMail is optimized for Performance. It runs perfectly on any server, handles thousands of users and processes hundreds of emails/minute on a standard server. You ...
  2. Roundcube Webmail
    5511 total visits
    Roundcube Webmail is a free and open source PHP webmail solution with a desktop-like user interface which is easy to install/configure and that runs on a standard LAMPP server. It is a browser-based multilingual PHP IMAP client with an application-like user interface providing full functionality like MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, searching and spell checking.Roundcube is written in PHP ...
  3. AtMail
    4544 total visits
    AtMail is a free and open source PHP webmail client created to provide a elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers with less bloat, focus on an intuitive and simple user interface. This lightweight and powerful webmail client can be installed on a variety of platforms with ease and without the hassless that most webmail platforms impart.Features of AtMail ...
  4. SquirrelMail
    3493 total visits
    SquirrelMail is a standards-based PHP webmail includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0 (with no JavaScript required) for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has very few requirements and is very easy to configure and install.SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong ...
  5. Telaen
    1591 total visits
    Telaen is a PHP webmail interface requires no database. It is compatible with POP3 or IMAP, so it can run under any Server supporting PHP with Sendmail or QMAIL. What's particularly nice about Telaen is that it is fast, lean and simple, but also extremely powerful. Additional skins and languages can be easily integrated into this PHP email system.Features of ...
  6. GWebmail
    2179 total visits
    Gwebmail is an Ajax powered webmail system with an interface similar to Gmail. It is entirely written in PHP and uses MySQL to store messages. It is modeled after the popular free emai service from Google, gwebmail has a user friendly interface similar to Gmail but you will use this interface to access emails from your own servers ( unlike ...
  7. WebMail Pro PHP
    1801 total visits
    WebMail Pro PHP is a browser-based e-mail and collaboration front end, designed to work with your existing messaging solutions. From an administrator's perspective, the application is easy to install on your own server, easy to integrate and easy to maintain.Features of WebMail Pro for PHP version:- Access any POP3/IMAP account- Compose/Reply/Forward/Delete/Print mails- AJAX user interface for modern browsers, static HTML ...
  8. dracMail
    839 total visits
    dracMail is a webmail interface built using PHP, ExtJS (JavaScript framework), MySQL and IMAP. dracMail is free and Open Source PHP webmail project. The project’s backend API has been developed using a FreeBSD server, but it should be compatible with any system capable of running these. Features of dracMail:- Rich User Interface- Built in WYSIWYG (using TinyMCE)- HTML mail message- ...
  9. HuskyMail Webmail
    1296 total visits
    HuskyMail Webmail is a free and open source PHP Webmail project includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols. HuskyMail is an easy to install and configure webmail possesses all the functionality you expect from an email client, such as MIME support, address book, calendaring, folder manipulation and fetching from external POP3 mail accounts. Features of HuskyMail ...
  10. V-webmail
    1290 total visits
    V-webmail is a free and powerful Open Source PHP webmail application supporting almost all the features of IMAP. Its standards compliant fully supports Internet standards, including IMAP4, POP3, SMTP and MIME meaning integration with vast majority of mail servers is possible. The versatile data storage feature of V-webmail allows preferences and addressbook data to be stored in one of three ...
  11. NOCC
    686 total visits
    NOCC is a PHP webmail client to provide webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts.Features of NOCC:- Easy installation since no database needed.- Can connect to IMAP and POP3 servers.- Sending mails over local sendmail installation or external SMTP servers.- Multi-language support.- You can change all the colors and fonts easily with “themes”.- Use no frames and XHTML 1.0 for ...
  12. Libgmailer
    542 total visits
    Libgmailer(Class Gmailer) is a PHP Library that allows you to write PHP program to access Google's free webmail service Gmail. It connects the Gmail website and does the data retrival for you, CURL extension of PHP has been used to handle the HTTP/HTTPS traffic.Libgmailer consists of 2 parts: GMailer (libgmailer): a PHP class/library for you to access GMail with PHP ...
  13. IMP Webmail
    907 total visits
    IMP Webmail is the Internet Messaging Project writtern in PHP, it is developed to provide webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts. Once installed, IMP accesses mail over IMAP thus requiring little or no special preparations on the server on which mail is stored. This PHP webmail project offers most of the features users have come to expect from their ...
  14. Postaci Webmail
    3504 total visits
    Postaci Webmail is an Open Source PHP IMAP/POP3 email client features for simple and easy to use. It supports SMTP authentication. It can handle both protocols, and the defaul protocol can be changed from a single configuration file. Postaci is platform independent. It can work on any operating system which supports PHP. This PHP webmail is also database independent. It ...
  15. Webmail-Client for DBMail-Servers
    2507 total visits
    Webmail-Client for DBMail-Servers, a browser based Client for the dbmail system on mysql databases written in PHP 5.3. No POP3 or IMAP used. Only MySQL-functions to access the database of dbmail.
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