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  1. SweetRice
    225 total visits
    SweetRice is an open source PHP blogging platform and can be used from building simple personal weblogs, to advanced complex news press centers.Features of SweetRice:- Graphic installer- Multi-database support- Categories- Comments moderation- Backup utility- Themes- Plugins- Admin dashboard- Updates notification- WYSIWYG editing- SEO friendly- Cache management- InternationalizedRequirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher- MySQL 4 or Higher (if not using PostgreSQL or ...
  2. Maian Weblog
    567 total visits
    Maian Weblog is evolved into a nice XHTML/CSS theme based system a la Wordpress. Its not meant to compete with that great and very popular software, Maian Weblog is a free PHP Blog Project, its just my own interpretation of a blog system. Blogs are real popular, so have fun blogging! Features of Maian Weblog:- Simple blog system for your ...
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