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  1. razorCMS
    281 total visits
    razorCMS is a free, open source, content management system written in PHP used to help manage the task of setting up and running a website without the need for extensive knowledge of website design. It does not require a database engine, the content being stored in flat files on the Web server at a specified location. Features of razorCMS:- Flat ...
  2. pragmaMx
    266 total visits
    pragmaMx is a content management system written in PHP. It provides a lot of features that will help to easily separate the content from web site design and coding tasks.Features of pragmaMx:- Article management- Admin panel- Download section- Optional banner rotation- WYSIWYG editing- Media gallery- Newsletter management- Statistics- Polls
  3. Froxlor
    451 total visits
    Froxlor is a web hosting platform server management tool and written in PHP, it works on all POSIX-like systems.Features of Froxlor:- Multiple access levels - Manage administrators, resellers and customers with a combined, yet seperated interface- APS - Support for the "Software as a Service" one click application installer (APS-Standard 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2)- Ticket system - A support-ticket system ...
  4. ProdigView
    145 total visits
    This is a PHP Framework for Web & mobile app development. Built on modern web development techniques, ProdigyView reduces development time and allows programmers to reuse their code.Features of ProdigView:- Modules & Plug-ins- Content management system- User management- Database independence- Multiple MVCs- Applications- Templates- Data validation- API- Documentation
  5. Comics chat
    2029 total visits
    Comics chat is a small web chat, where discussion is formatted into classic comics panels.
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