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  1. AIE - Ajax Image Editor
    5364 total visits
    AIE - Ajax Image Editor is a rich internet application for manipulating images online, which can be integrate into your exsiting website easily. It's works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It uses HTML, JavaScript and Ext JS on client side and ImageMagick and PHP on server side.Features of AIE - Ajax Image Editor:- Resize your images,- Crop your images,- ...
  2. Maian Gallery
    996 total visits
    Maian Gallery is a free PHP photo gallery script. It features of manage gallery via clean admin interface and easily editable e-mail templates. Maian Gallery utilises the Savant2 template engine.Some Features fo Maian Gallery:- Visually appealing photo gallery system- XHTML/CSS theme based system- Optional slideshow- Optional background music for slideshow (.mp3)- Optional comments- Batch add images in admin area for ...
  3. Thickbox Gallery
    2347 total visits
    Thickbox Gallery is a web-based photo/music/video gallery using PHP and JavaScript. The project features for easy to install, configure, maintain and destroy because it is working on just PHP and one image library (GD, Netpbm or ImageMagick), no databases required.Features of Thickbox Gallery:- Thumbnails and screen-size images with/without watermarking on the fly- Use GD, Netpbm or Imagemagick- Automatic album detection ...
  4. Snipe gallery
    1635 total visits
    Snipe Gallery is a PHP/mySQL image management system featuring (but never limited to!).Features of Snipe gallery:- automatic watermarking, - dynamic thumbnailing, - online cropping/custom thumbnail tool, - image dropshadows, - custom "picture frames" and more!
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