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  1. Moodle
    6175 total visits
    Moodle is a PHP online courses system, a modern-day LMS (Learning Management System), which can be used by entire universities, a single professor or independent teachers alike. Features of Moodle:- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Users management- Roles and permissions- Front-page manager- Comments moderation- Plugins- Themes- Debug tools- Security features- Courses management- Grading tool- Statistics tool- User profile pages- Blogs- Forums- ...
  2. LogiCampus
    3112 total visits
    LogiCampus is a distance learning and course management system that is freely available to colleges, universities and schools. LogiCampus was built in conjunction with Tarrant County College Center for Distance Learning of Fort Worth, Tx. LogiCampus allows a college, university, or school district to run existing classes or online learning classes via the web as well as provide the foundation ...
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