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  1. Video Conference
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    Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. It can be used stand alone or integrated as extra feature to existing sites. It allows users to establish multiple web based concurrent videophone calls and videoconferencing, that can also be referred to as a web video link. With a standard computer using ...
  2. 2 Way Video Chat
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    2 Way Video Chat is a P2P high definition web video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one.Features of 2 Way Video Chat:- ...
  3. Video Messenger
    760 total visits
    Video Messenger is a Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script, a website software for live online video instant messaging. This allows website users to instantly connect on live 1 to 1 private webcam video chats.Features of Video Messenger:- Online Users List (optionally a friends list filter can be applied to show friends or certain users only)- Request, Accept Video Chats- ...
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