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  1. Huygens Remote Manager
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    The Huygens Remote Manager is an open-source, efficient, multi-user web-based interface to the Huygens software by Scientific Volume Imaging B.V. that alloows for multi-user, large-scale deconvolution.
  2. Deadlock User Management System
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    Deadlock is a powerful, fully featured user management system primarily written to protect web directories and documents using Apache's htaccess and htpasswd. Deadlock is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend.
  3. No Screenshot
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    lINlOUT is a PHP / AJAX / MySQL based authorization library that gives registration and login / logout featureas to a web site. It is completely multilanguage and template (smarty) based. It is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.Features of lINlOUT:- multilanguage- written in PHP- Open Source- administration interface, with password access, ...
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    v-creator is esigned for Simplicity. It is a powerful development tool for Designers & Developers allowing them to produce results faster than ever.The Advantages of v-creator:- Increased speed of development, faster project turnaround.- Simple to learn and use for developers and designers.- Compatible with all development environments.- Pretested, reliable, extensible and reusable components.- Simple integration into existing development and a ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    UMA is a PHP user management and authentication application. Supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
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    PHPBB Login Integration allows you to integrate your own login system with phpBB forum system. Meaning that you can have one login valid across both your Web site and phpBB.The class lets your site create a phpBB login session to be associate with the same user that has logged in a existing login system of your site.To take full advantage ...
  7. LiveUser Admin UI
    1852 total visits
    LiveUser Admin UI is A user interface for the PEAR package LiveUser_Admin. The project features customizable and easy to integrate into other software.
  8. AlkalinePHP
    2281 total visits
    AlkalinePHP is a complete site-engine including site-user management, internal messaging, news posting, forums, site skinning/themes, and the ability to add future plugins/components.
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