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  1. Aurigma Image Uploader 7
    3756 total visits
    Aurigma Image Uploader is a versatile file upload solution for a wide range of websites. Whether you need a photo uploader for a social networking site, photo sharing service, online image gallery, or content management system, Image Uploader can do the heavy lifting.Why Aurigma Image Uploader?With Aurigma you will easily organize file upload to your website. With minimum efforts you ...
  2. No Screenshot
    176 total visits
    PHP Session Upload is a script which can track the progress of file uploads using sessions. It can check a session variable assigned to keep track of the progress of a file upload. The script can return the current upload progress value in percentage and can set the session variable to cancel a file upload in progress. It can also ...
  3. Impact Plus
    331 total visits
    The best blog cms ever made, including features that don't have any other blog cms scripts. Impact Plus is full featured PHP, MySQL and jQuery Powered blog script with lots of features such as file uploading, themes, plugins, comments, pages, categories, archives, multi user levels, messaging auto update, one click addon installations, ets
  4. PHP File Uploader
    2483 total visits
    PHP File Uploader is a free and open source File Upload Script features for easy to use and hi-performance. It allows you to upload files to web server without refreshing the page. You are allowed to select and upload multiple files and cancel running uploads, add new files during uploading. The look and feel of this PHP Document script can ...
  5. Celerondude Uploader
    780 total visits
    Celerondude Uploader is a PHP upload project allows you to run a file hosting service on your web server. With this free PHP project, each account allows to have its own seperate storage space, you can manage them with the web based admin tools.Features of Celerondude Uploader:- Bandwidth tracking and limiting (requires mod_rewrite which means Apache)IIS servers with ISAPI_Rewrite will ...
  6. net2ftp
    2033 total visits
    net2ftp: a web based FTP client written in PHP based on MySQL. It is a PHP project designed to make FTP file upload much easier. Features of net2ftp: - Keep permissions when copying/moving files and directories- URL to FTP (meaning, you enter the URL of a picture in net2ftp, and net2ftp gets that picture and saves it on your FTP ...
  7. CF Image Hosting
    769 total visits
    CF Image Hosting is a simple easy to use PHP Image hosting project, which aims to make it easy to setup and maintain a image hosting site or a site for you to share your photos with your friends, family and collegues. With the social bookmarking links generated for each image, sharing your images or photos across the web couldn't ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1119 total visits
    Mini File Host is a free file hosting service PHP project. It is modeled after the many popular free file hosts like rapidshare and megaupload. It is easy to set up and use and it doesn't even require a MySQL database!What's new in this Version 1.5 Mini File Host: - Bug Fixes - Italian Language added - Chmod option to ...
  9. ByteHoard
    2666 total visits
    ByteHoard is a better way to store, manage and share files. It is a PHP-based file management system to provide a web interface for users to upload, download, share and edit files just via their browsers. Features of this PHP project includes thumbnails for images, multiple database support, skinning support, directory support and much more.What's New in This Release Version ...
  10. No Screenshot
    2016 total visits
    as_admintool can be used to provide a Web interface to manage site resources. It provides a modular AJAX based user interface to execute tasks to manage different types of site resources. It comes with several plug-in modules and can be extended with additional plug-ins. Currently as_admintool comes with modules for: - Execute SQL queries - Backup and restore tables in ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1730 total visits
    The uploaded image is checked for a predefined size. With noticeboard, when an entry is posted , an email is sent to the webmaster who can delete it if inappropriate.Features of noticeboard:- Preview function before posting an entry.- Can post a picture but script check that the picture is no more than 24k, 200 pix wide and 250 high, if ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2042 total visits
    MySpace Profile Updater connects to the MySpace site and authenticates as a given user. The profile fields are retrieved and re-submitted after being filled with new values. It is used to add data to existing MySpace.com user profile using PHP cURL. User is authenticated with their login information and data - in form of plain text or HTML code - ...
  13. Mysql Ajax Table Editor
    2019 total visits
    Mysql Ajax Table Editor is an easy to use mysql table editor with a ton of features. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a free PHP database project.Features of Mysql Ajax Table Editor:- Easy to set up- Quick and advance search capabilities- Perform complex joins on multiple tables and maintain search functionality - Browser forward and back button functionality.- Bookmarkable searches.- ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2031 total visits
    This new version of BSW Uploads and Downloads manager has more facility than the erlier version. It has sitemap.xml and has a nice view.Download Manager is more secure and can download any size of files according to your server setting.
  15. Open Upload
    3053 total visits
    Open Upload is an open source extensible PHP application for fast file upload and download for big (and small) file sharing, like rapidshare and megaupload. Multiple authentication methods, database backends, multilanguage support. Open Upload has been designed to be extendable.Main Features of Open Upload:- Access control by groups- Template Driven- Internationalization- Vast Database Support (MySQL, Postgress, Flat file)- Multiple user ...
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