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  1. StockManiac
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    StockManiac is an alternative Asset Inventory System with web based user interface. It can retrieve quotes and news feeds automatically and has a time-machine like design which distinguishes it from many other portfolio management applications.All information in the project is kept in a tight relation to "time", which means that you can dive back into the past and review things ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Double Entry Based Transaction System (DEBTS). A web based personal finance application written in PHP / MySQL. Support for multiple users. Compatible with most frame / javascript capable web browsers.It has been designed to be as abstract as possible, conceptually all money must be transfered from an account of somekind to another account. Users can define their own accounts; credit ...
  3. XDB Money
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    XDB Money is a simple web-based personal finance tracker that can keep track of multiple accounts and multiple transactions, grouping these transactions into categories for reporting facilities. Requirements:- PHP- MySQL.
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