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    TraffStats, network Traffic Statistic.Features of TraffStats:- is a monitoring and traffic analysis software, using SNMP to collect data from any enabled device. - has the ability to generate graphs (using jpgraph) with the option to compare and sum up different devices.
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    AWStats Multiple Statistics, a simple PHP addon for AWStats which allows viewing and comparing statistics for multiple domain hosted in the same machine.
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    Cat-Stats offers the easy means to install webcounter with statistics.
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    Really Coding Traffic Statistics is a Statistics program where you can see who has visit your site.
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    With TrafficCenter, it is enable to swap your traffic. Trade banner, popups, textlinks, frame, email, homepage caller and welcome page with other.
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    With the subZero Website Traffic Tracker, you get advanced features to analyse the traffic of your website. Will include different modes (single site, multiple site, multiple users, ...). Also home of the Zoe subproject, a Modular PHP system.
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    PHPSiteStats is a website statistics and monitoring software for small to large web sites and can be either database driven or logfile driven.
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    Network Traffic Monitor (NTM) is an application to monitor your network usage. NTM allows you to have a detailed view on your network. You can have graphs about the bandwidth consumption as well as a numeric representation of your bytes used.
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    PhpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the analysis of website traffic and visitor analysis.
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    ZorbIPtraffic shows the IP traffic on a network interface in real time. It can display traffic statistics for each IP on your internal network, and it summarizes the total traffic for each IP per year, per month, and per day.
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    PACSPulse, a database driven PHP based web site designed to provide a performance analysis tool of DICOM picture archiving traffic.This tool is designed for PACS administrators working in a hospital environment trying to understand their performance bottleneck.
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