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    Where are your Internet visitors coming from? IP Address Country mapping Database can help you identify visitor's geographical location of an IP address.IP-Country mapping Database can be used for:- Real Time Geo-Locating ( Country )- Redirect based on country- Automatically target advertising by country- Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through- Provide Location Aware Content ( language, currency, etc.)- Fraud ...
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    Features of navyism@log analyzer: - Several different counters that offer you the statistics of each page; - Statistic by hours, days, weeks, months, yearsm OS & Web-Browser, statistics for members, and more.
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    SiteUpTime.com provides web site monitoring as a free or paid service to other web sites. SiteUpTime.com will monitor your site letting you know when it is down and also allows you to display these statistics to your visitors with your own stats page. Unfortunately, this statistics page is not in a valid XHTML format which discourages those of us who ...
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    Acc Statistics is a website statistics program. Acc Statistics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and number of visits and number of unique visitors of your website.What's New is version 1.1:- Domains Referrers; - Option to reset referrers and searches to no result; - Bugs fixed.AccStatistics tells you everything about: - number of ...
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    If you maintain websites for your customers, you may have wanted to give them access to the statistics collected by Awstats. But until now, the only way to view these statistics was to give them full access to cPanel. AWStats Access provides secure access to AWStats without giving access to cPanel.
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    Flag displayer can be used to display the flags of countries selected with a form.It reads the country codes and identifiers from an external file. Then it generates the HTML for a form select input to let the user choose one of the world countries.Flag displayer can return the country code, name and the URL of the flag image of ...
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    2187 total visits
    Web Statistics Montage is a free tool that compiles web statistics from multiple web sites and sends them to you in an easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format without having to log in anywhere! Just set up a simple configuration file, upload the files to your site and you're done.Web Statistics Montage gathers statistics like search engine spider activity, the PageRank of each ...
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    IP2Location™ IP-ISP Database shows how to lookup ISP & country origin by using visitor's IP address. This example required an external ACCESS database for lookup purpose.
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    IP2Location™ IP-Country Database shows how to lookup country origin by using visitor's IP address. This example required an external ACCESS database for lookup purpose.
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    IPTracker is the abstract class for tracking visitor id. There are two subclasses for using either a database or a file for storing the information. Currently the ip, the hostname, the time and the last visited link are stored.PUBLIC:var $countfunction getIP()function track()function getAll()function get($id)function getIdentifier()PRIVATE:function _store($ip, $host, $from)function _countEntries()
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    gStats is an open source web statistics program capable of running on any server supporting PHP and an ADOdb compatible database. gStats is intended to provide as much information as possible about your visitors and the pages they view on your site. On top of that, gStats provides a high level of customizability and has been designed so that third ...
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    MP Stats LITE is very easy to use and has very easy to read statistics. Features includes Latest Visitors,Referer tracking, Search engine tracking, Summary and History. Needs MySQL.
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    Cdub's Logs is a PHP + MySQL Based script. It was built to track where visitors come from, the pages they visited, the amount of page views, and amount of unique visitors.Visitors are tracked by IP address. The option of assigning nick names to an IP address is available. This script will have later versions updates.
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    phpBandwidth uses iptables to check for traffic for the different users and logges this to a sql database and showes stats.
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    This little program can make an access log for certain pages, and the log file can be analyzed by other log analysis software. If you want to get the combined format log with referer and user agent information, or if you want to know the referer information of certain pages, but your hosting provider doesn't offer access log, or just ...
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