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  1. JAWStats
    710 total visits
    JAWStats is an open-source website traffic analytics package which is written in PHP, and works along with the AWStats toolkit. It is not a stand-alone package because JAWStats simply needs AWStats to work. Basically reads AWStats logs and styles data in a much more friendlier way than AWStats does. Features of JAWStats:- Skinnable- Multiple languages- Very easy to install- Draws ...
  2. Web-Analiser
    1041 total visits
    Web-Analiser is a script to gather and analyze statistics of your website traffic. It provides the whole gamut of every possible statistics and reports, which analyze your visitors, pages and website traffic. Web-Analiser is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics script. Using it, you will have total control of every event at your website.Requirements: - PHP - MySQL
  3. ActualAnalyzer
    1000 total visits
    ActualAnalyzer Lite — the simple solution for personal and small business websites. It is a free PHP website traffic statistic software. The ability to collect most essential statistics about each separate page of web site will help you improve your web site and expand its audience without special complexities.Features of ActualAnalyzer:- Runs directly on your server, nothing is sent to ...
  4. No Screenshot
    506 total visits
    Micro Logger logs your website visitor informations like IP, hostname, browser, referrer into a html file. Micro Logger is an Open source PHP website traffic annalysis script. Installation is quite easy, just include the file into your php code.
  5. Grape Web Statistics
    1075 total visits
    Grape Web Statistics is a free, open source PHP website traffic statistics and annlysis program that allows web developers to keep accurate statistics of visitors. The program is currently in a beta testing phase, although it appears to be reasonably stable.Features of Grape Web Statistics:- Completely free, as in open source. Licensed under the GPL.- Clean, sleek interface.- Accurately records ...
  6. phpTrafficA
    3269 total visits
    phpTrafficA is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics software, is a GPL statistical tool for web traffic analysis, written in php and mySQL. It can track access counts to your website, search engines, keywords, and referrers that lead to you, operating systems, web browsers, visitor retention, path analysis, and a lot more!With phpTrafficA, you can monitor:- multiple sites,- access ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1870 total visits
    Google Page Rank Checker can be used to retrieve the Google page rank of a page with a given URL. The Page Rank is a family of algorithms for assigning numerical weights to hyperlinked documents (or web pages) indexed by a search engine.Google Page Rank Checker accesses the Google servers and queries the page rank of a given URL. The ...
  8. No Screenshot
    2247 total visits
    Simple Yet Effective PHP webcounter is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics project. Simple Yet Effective PHP webcounter lets you know where your visitors come from, who they are and what they do right now. Also it tells you about your visitors via the Web,Email and Twitter,does it in real time and is so easy to integrate in your ...
  9. No Screenshot
    2074 total visits
    vLogger is a free PHP website log statistics script that is used to log statistics about people that visit your website on certain pages that you specify. This means you can log information about one page, or many pages.Requirements:- PHP (version 5 preferred)-1 MySQL Database
  10. No Screenshot
    1608 total visits
    Atrise Realtime Stat is an free and online visitor statistics PHP website traffic statistics script. It allows you to monitor your site visitors in realtime.Atrise Realtime Stat script requires no database connection. It writes all required information to dayly-based HTML files in a secure directory on your web site. It shows you HTTP referrers, visitor path, web browser information and ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1431 total visits
    Keyword Catcher is an Open Source PHP website traffic annlysis project. Unlike other analytics software, Keyword Catcher is highly optimized to show only the data that is valuable to internet marketers. You will see what keyword your website's visitor typed into his browser a few seconds ago and you will also see you which referring sites brought visitors to your ...
  12. No Screenshot
    1417 total visits
    HTTP requests can be sent to the Bloggy Web server in order to execute several types of actions.Currently Bloggy API Class can submit a new status update and retrieve the latest statuses of a given user.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
  13. No Screenshot
    2130 total visits
    CrawlTrack is a PHP and MySQL web traffic analysis tool for tracking and interpreting website usage. It provides a self-hosted alternative Google Analytics, allowing the user to keep all his stored data and customize stats display to fit his needs. Features of CrawlTrack:- Visitors statistics- Keywords- Indexation follow-up- Crawlers statistics- One site summary- All sites summary- Multi-lingual- Graphic installer- Documentation- ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1839 total visits
    Stuffed Tracker is a unique package of tools to gather your website statistics, annlyze visitors behavior and ad campaingn effectiveness, track sales, calculate conversions and ROI. Stuffed Tracker is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics software. Features of Stuffed Tracker - Web Traffic Monitoring & Analysis:- Powerful reports constructor- Ad campaigns statistics- Sales tracking- Actions tracking- Split tests- Funnels- ...
  15. Logaholic Web Analytics
    2130 total visits
    Logaholic Web Analytics is a web analytics solution that can be used to monitor website statistics and performance. Ease of use, full control and easy to understand reports have made Logaholic the stats tool of choice for anyone serious about improving online marketing.The script help improve site performance, customer satisfaction and profits and also provides a wide set of tools ...
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