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  1. ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool
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    ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach. It works with favorite DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is being distributed under GPL licence. It is free (as in beer) and free (as in speech) and open source.Features of ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool:- Multi language support- Theme support with Smarty- Multi platform support ...
  2. Sillaj
    2057 total visits
    Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create reports and Gantt charts. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database and is themable through Smarty templates. It is distributed under the GPL.
  3. PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita
    1778 total visits
    PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita is an Italian web-based management system for time/money spold by resources, day by day. Reports "on flight","from... to..." (single day to many years). Single job can refer to customer order, inner or external project; every activity of the company.
  4. No Screenshot
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    Asterisk PHP Timeclock is designed to Clock in/out from any phone, or from the web portal. Comes with full web portal and reports. Get the latest build from SVN Checkout (Public/SVN Repository).
  5. No Screenshot
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    MySHI (My Self Health Information) is a database for tracking personal health information. The current focus is on nutritional information but other important data items will follow. Documentation is available under "Hosted Apps"/"MediaWiki".
  6. No Screenshot
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    PLEIAS is an open-source Inter-library Loan System (ILL) written in PHP-Mysql.Features of PLEIAS: - custom workflow and account types, - customer and supplier financial monitoring, - group accounts, - customer web interface for order tracking.
  7. No Screenshot
    2808 total visits
    The LATRIX is an HR support web application. It provides presence and attendance recording, attendance tracking, paperless leave applications (with freely definable leave types), block periods, a fire register and extensive reporting options.
  8. Yoxel Systems
    2082 total visits
    YOXEL SW: agile project management, full featured request/bug tracker and helpdesk, knowledge management, FAQ publishing, Q&A community guided search. Yoxel Personal Commitment Manager helps you succeed with projects by leveraging project-related email communication and enhancing team collaboration experience.
  9. BAM - Business Activities Management
    3471 total visits
    BAM - Business Activities Management is a simple software for management activities. This software structure projects work orders (= clients) and activities (eg design, development, etc.) and allows you to track time to work on. Bam also allows you to issue an invoice.
  10. Web-based Asset Tracking System
    5567 total visits
    A LAMP-based inventory system designed for schools. It was originally designed to meet the auditing requirements for private schools. It will manage any type of device you wish to put in it-servers, desktops, projectors, cameras, etc. Since Web-based Asset Tracking System is as much for our business office as it is for us, it's much more concerened with who has ...
  11. No Screenshot
    2014 total visits
    CHASERS is a web/database application for non-profits. The project is used by Downtown Emergency Service Center, a homeless service agency, to track clients, services and agency operations. It has been used adapted for fundraising and other purposes too.
  12. IT Project Guide - Risk Management
    2280 total visits
    IT Project Guide- Risk Management, project management with the focus on risk tracking and mitigation.Developed in PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter and jQuery. Very ajax like making for a clean user interface. Web based Client and Team project management tool.
  13. ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software
    2806 total visits
    ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software is a highly configurable bug tracking, project management, and help desk solution. Project focus is on configurability, usability, and clean code.Features of ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software:- Workflow and Data Management . Custom fields - add your own dates, numbers, strings, and lists . Behaviors - complex dependencies and lists . Enforce approval and testing ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1954 total visits
    BtiTracker is a complete php tracker system for BitTorrent, easy to setup and configure. Full remote admin management.
  15. PHP Bug Tracker
    2227 total visits
    PHP Bug Tracker is the most concise working system for tracking website bugs that is available.
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