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  1. METAjour
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    METAjour is a high-end Content Management System bundled with METAZO - an object oriented application framework based on a flexible Model-View-Controller architecture. METAjour and METAZO are based on PHP/MySQL, and use well-known products such as an extended version of Smarty for the template engine. Easy-to-use Windows-like user interface. Multilanguage support for any object, access restrictions by users and groups on ...
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    ChiCoMaS - Chilek Content Management System CMS with PHP and MySQL based.Chilek CMS is web based, easy to use, user friendly, object oriented and moduler, dynamic content manager for your web sites. Integrated with TinyMCE, QuiXplorer and MysqlBackupPro.
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    openRiverbed - the PHP5 framework. Ajax, TinyMCE, Plugins, XML based configuration, template based, XML2PDF pdf generation, multi-language support for application and content, encrypted sessions, test-driven, oo developed... Hardened by real projects.
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