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  1. Kimai
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    Kimai is a PHP web-based time tracking app which allows users to add projects and track the time spent on project tasks and the project in general. Features of Kimai:- User roles- Manage multiple projects- Invoice generation (in ODT format)- Easy to configure- Graphic installer- Export tools Requirements:- MySQL 4.1 or Higher- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PHP's PDO extension enabled
  2. openTimetool
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    openTimetool is a web-based, sector-independent project time tracking software for service provision companies. Such as agencies and IT support firms, publishing houses and editorial offices, consultancy firms, training companies and freelance workers. openTimetool can be used with personal computers and notebooks as well as with mobile devices like standard cellphones and smartphones via current HTML browser (Firefox, IE 7, Opera, ...
  3. TEMS -Time and Expense Management System
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    TEMS is ideal for who bills their client by time and material basis, such as IT consultants, Lawyers, CPAs etc. Play with it at our sandbox environment at http://tems.sourceforge.net and keeps track of times entry and expenses reports of employees and contractors by projects and accounts, automatically generates invoices with details. You can print weekly time cards and expense reports ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    TimesheetNextGen is a continuation of the Timesheet.php project. The aims of this project are to support the old Timesheet.php user base and to develop the next generation of this application, focusing on ease of use, functionality and extendibility.
  5. PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita
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    PMbyAS - Gestione Attivita is an Italian web-based management system for time/money spold by resources, day by day. Reports "on flight","from... to..." (single day to many years). Single job can refer to customer order, inner or external project; every activity of the company.
  6. TheoPlan
    2078 total visits
    TheoPlan Project Manager is a complete project management software, that provides planning, time management and invoice at cost.
    1915 total visits
    TIMEEFFECT is a PHP4 based, multi user system for recording time employees spent on projects. It includes facilities to manage agents, customers and projects. Users may generate reports and statistics as well as accounting reports in PDF format.
  8. Punchout! Timecard System
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    Punchout! is a simple and straightforward time clock system that allows an administrator to set up multiple clients each with their own pay rate. The user can then punch the Punch In! or Punch Out! button to track their hours and pay.
  9. No Screenshot
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    Time Recording System is a web based application that enables users to record their time weekly for scheduling and financial purposes. It's currently being used by Oxford Archaeology to record the employees' time sheets.
  10. The TimeTracker
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    The TimeTracker is a PHP/MySQL web application for managing projects, customers and time entries for autonomous workers and small businesses.
  11. No Screenshot
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    SureInvoice, powerful, full featured time tracking, billing and customer portal for service oriented businesses. Additional features of SureInvoice include track commissions, bill projects on spec and let you use Activity Based Costing. Now with support for credit card billing
  12. PHP Timeclock
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    PHP Timeclock is a simple yet effective web-based time clock system. It allows you to track all employee time as well as upcoming vacations and more, it can also replace manual sign-in sheets and such. It is written in php and utilizes a mysql database.
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