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  1. LinPHA
    2838 total visits
    LinPHA is an easy to use and multilingual PHP Photo gallery/image album based on SQL database(MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite), which can be used to store information about your pictures. It features for complete user management, zip-album downloads, top ten statistics, hiddedn albums, web filemanager with upload capabilities, watermarks, printing, guestbook and much more. You are not required to have experience in setting up ...
  2. Gallery
    1852 total visits
    Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album. Features of Gallery:- Graphic installer- Admin dashboard- Manage multiple albums- Easy photo uploader- Login system- Users management- Slideshow mode- Image comments- Tag cloud- Search system- Subscribe via email to a photo ...
  3. No Screenshot
    1242 total visits
    Frank's PhP Photo Album is a simple photo almbum creating thumbnails from original pictures on the fly. Pictures are displayed in a table and are clickable to see the original picture.
  4. No Screenshot
    1998 total visits
    CorePHPAlbum is an easy-to-use web-based image/video gallery written in PHP. It is just organize the image/video files into folders and it'll do the rest. No database, no compilation, modular themeset, multi-languages support, thumbnails creation.
  5. Snipe gallery
    1635 total visits
    Snipe Gallery is a PHP/mySQL image management system featuring (but never limited to!).Features of Snipe gallery:- automatic watermarking, - dynamic thumbnailing, - online cropping/custom thumbnail tool, - image dropshadows, - custom "picture frames" and more!
  6. TFTgallery
    2056 total visits
    TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery which doesn't need a database. It uses the directory structure for data storage. Features of TFTgallery: - no database (like MySQL) needed Info instead of using a database, TFTgallery uses the file system for data storage. The new cache improves the access speed significantly. - on-the-fly thumbnail creation Info When new images ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1916 total visits
    MyWebGallery is a script written in PHP which allow webmasters to create web-gallieries for their photos easily. It can store data into a database (ex. MySQL) or textfiles or xml. It supports albums and subalbums, themes, thumbnails, slideshows
  8. Jarida
    1517 total visits
    Jarida is a personal blogging software which you can use to run your very own personal blog. It is built on PHP and MySQL. So you need to have PHP of at least version 4.3 upwards and a MySQL (Version > 3.2.x) database for this application to work.Also to make use of the Photo Gallery thumbnail generation features you need ...
  9. No Screenshot
    2221 total visits
    ZitPG Software is based in the new PHP5 and includes features as multiple database selection (mysql, postgresql or sqlite), news, users, albums, photos, comments management system. This project was 10th in the Zend PHP5 Contest.
  10. PHPix2 Photo Album
    2141 total visits
    PHPix2 is a mature, web-based photo album, with emphasis on stabilityover features. It generates thumbnails and scales images automatically, so all you have to do is upload the originals. Customizeable stylesheets and text descriptions of albums.
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