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    K2 is an advanced theme template for the WordPress blogging engine. K2 allows theme developers to build a graphic layout on top of a powerful PHP framework with lots of features geared toward a better content administration in WordPress. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Appereance--->Themes' menu in WordPress. Features of K2:- ...
  2. Impact Plus
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    The best blog cms ever made, including features that don't have any other blog cms scripts. Impact Plus is full featured PHP, MySQL and jQuery Powered blog script with lots of features such as file uploading, themes, plugins, comments, pages, categories, archives, multi user levels, messaging auto update, one click addon installations, ets
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    Yupi is content management system that you can easily extend and customize. Build using OOP style and has native support for nice directory urls. Customized trough themes and templates.
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    blogplus is a multi-language and multi-theme free web blog script.Features of blogplus+:- multi language - multi theme- security - blocks system - posts system - CSS - SEO - RSS feeds - Ajax - categories- topics - easy control panel
  5. PluggedOut Blog
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    PluggedOut Blog is a MySQL solution for blogs, journals, diaries or any kind of calendar application. It has been developed by a professional software developer - meaning the code is easy to read, light and fast.If nothing else it serves as a good example for people starting out in programming of how to develop a thin client (web) application.Features of ...
  6. Runner
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    Runner is a PHP based template system designed for rapid development, and rapid theme changing in web sites. It is a PHP template engine where the data for the page can be set and never altered, while the look of the page changes around it. With Runner, it is now easier than ever to create an entirely different layout without ...
  7. WackoWiki
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    WackoWiki is a slight and easy to install multilingual Wiki-engine which is compatible with MySQL, PDO MySQL and MySQLi. Features of WackoWiki:- Supports WYTIWYG-editing- Page rights (ACLs)- Design themes (skins)- File upload- Email notification Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Removed legacy code.- Fixed a number of localization issues.- Minor fixes.
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    Scroller: A Wordpress Theme is just another Wordpress theme.
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    Subtle is a customizable Wordpress theme framework with built-in i10n, widget handling, simple dashboard administration, and support for FeedBurner and Wordpress Multiuser.
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    e107mods is modified core, plugin and theme files, that will fix problems or add functioanlity to the e107 system.
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    Hogit' s Wordpress Warcraft Themes, Wordpress themes from Hogit on Silvermoon.
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    Php-Proxima is an add-on for phpnuke.The add-on perfectly integrates in the structure of phpnuke and cohabits safely with it: it is possible to move from one mode to the other just by changing the theme.
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    YAXOO (Yet Another XOOps) - Learn about XOOPS CMS, download modules and themes for XOOPS. Download new modules for XOOPS developed by YAXOO.Make Internet better and have fun :-)
  14. EMIHR
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    EMIHR is used to create and manage companies, departments, customers, projects and resources. Keep track of the resources (e.g. hours) put into a project. For those of you who like their own style: this software uses themes!
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    phpWebLog, a complete web news management system written in PHP. All the content control is configurable with an web based administration section.Features of phpWebLog:- story moderation, - threaded comments, - templating/themes, - polls, - multi-language translations, - RDF.
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