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    Testlink in Chinese includes some improvement to TestLink on authorization,such as anyone couldn't delete any test object but administrator(s) can do so,as well as all English information were translated into Chinese.
  2. PHPTestManager
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    PHPTestManager allows the final user (for example, a Professor) to create and maintain school tests and tests in general, through a web interface. This is a list of the features:- create, delete and edit subjects- create, delete and edit four type of questions (Open, Multiple choice with only one correct answer, with more than one correct answer and true/false questions)- ...
  3. phpRack
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    phpRack is a light Integration PHP Test Frameworkframework. By integration tests we mean software modules that should be executed in the production environment, in order to validate that said environment is configured as expected.For example your product is a web2.0 application which depends on proper configuration of PHP, Apache, MySQL and availability of YouTube, Flickr and GoogleMaps API's. Your product ...
  4. PUnit - Unit Testing Framework
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    PUnit, an elegant, lightweight unit testing framework for PHP 5.
  5. TestCentral
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    TestCentral is designed to be a test conductor and result collation point.
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    PHPUnit Web Interface, web Interface for PHPUnit, it features running tests in a web interface with ajax. Every test is run in seprate sandbox so that they are not altered by the run of the other tests. Code coverage shown in a cool window that can be accessed easy from the web.
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