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    Myquiz is a xoops quiz module. It is a framework for the Xoops quiz with features for easy to use. Myquiz is an Open Source PHP test project.Features of Myquiz:- sliding questions - unlimited subcategory- top 5 section- new admin menu- new category and quiz list page- jquery support- more effective pages- Comment System- BBcodes added to questions end answers.- ...
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    Flash Quiz is a powerful quiz system with a PHP/MYSQL back end.Flash Quiz is Open Source PHP test script, supporting multiple quizzes per instance, result tracking, and high score tracking.
  3. RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub
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    One of the features of RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub:To implement bug fixsAnd the current status and Demo (Live) system is only for testing of RTH.
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    SimpleQuizzz is a professional quiz system, written in PHP. SimpleQuizzz is a free PHP test software.
  5. Sistem UAT Peperiksaan Sekolah
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    Sistem Peperiksaan berasaskan PHP + MySQL untuk kegunaan sekolah bagi menganalisis data dan memasukkan markah secara online. Digunakan untuk menghasilkan keperluan analisa keputusan markah ujian mengikut kehendak semasa. -Malay
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    PhpiCalLib, a PHP library providing an iCalendar parser and object creator. It is object orientated, unit tested, and conforms strictly to the latest iCalendar standard (the successor to RFC2445).
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    CppExam is a web based system which will compile by G++.This system provides much people to test their simple C/C++ program.
  8. QaTraq
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    Testing complex systems calls for clear task management and control covering everything from defining test plans to writing test cases and recording results.QATraq provides the framework for task management and control, across the whole test process.
  9. Distributed Generic Info Retrieval
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    Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGIR) - developing and testing a protocol for single point access to distributed data sources. Based on HTTP, XML, and UDDI.
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    Nivelamento, a xoops module that allows teachers to create online examinations to determine the level of a student in a language. The questions are multi answer type.
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    POG (PHP Object Generator) saves the PHP developer time by generating tested and efficient PHP Objects. The programming pattern behind POG is Object-Relational Mapping also known as Active Record or Persistence Layer. Above all else, the generated code has been designed to be extremely clean, easy to understand and use. Put simply, whenever you're programming with PHP and a database, ...
  12. phpautotest
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    phpautotest is a tool for testing PHP-driven websites. It has to be walked through your web-site once, it can then follow the same steps and report whether the pages did not work as expected. Variable values as well as HTML output can be tested.
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    Simple Quiz, an Elegant, Intuitive, and Highly Customizable Online Testing System For PHP/MySQL. Simple Quiz is an Open Source PHP test system.
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    Test Suites Results Parser and Browser aims to provide a web interface (based on PHP/MySQL) to browse and analyse logfiles of Open POSIX TestSuite runs. It will be extended to support other conformance-type testsuites (Linux Test Project, ...) as well.
  15. TPEngine
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    TPEngine (or Test Protocol Engine), is a dynamic Website thats create by an Administrator. The Administrator can make new protocols with os-, version-information, and of course "what to do" (i called it test functions). And the User can fill out the pr
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