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    icecube is a light-weight web framework written in PHP5. It is built around data modeling, templating and caching.
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    Powerful and user friendly news management software that features multiple users, short/full body news, send article to a friend support, comments, smilies, post censoring, a powerful templating system, IP blocking, news categories and headlines.
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    PHP Core Framework which included Template Engine, Multi-Language System, Forum, Exchange Center, Photo Album, Membership Management and User Registration. Base on the pattern, developer can enhance more function for it by writing more module.
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    PHPGEN is a php code generator, which can help you to build a MySQL driven system with the feature of add, edit, drop, list records stored in MySQL. Features of PHPGEN: - use smarty as template- generate well orginagized code - all can be done in browser.
  5. Template Lite
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    Template Lite is the faster, small compiling PHP template engine. It supports most of the Smarty functions and filters. It is a stripped down version of Smarty and thus is extremely fast, yet very similar to Smarty. Most of the same basic syntax as Smarty template engine used in this free PHP project so that it makes relatively easy to ...
  6. KSMS bulk sms manager
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    KSMS is a web-based interface to manager an SMS Gateway like kannel.The goals of KSMS bulk sms manager is an integrated users manager, sms templates, a flexible admin control panel.Sms bulk are sended through a simple web interface that can be made with to fit various send-systems.
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    CuteSITE is a cutting-edge object oriented Web Content Management Framework (CMF). It features a strong through-the-web development model and serves the fastest template engine. УникальностьСистема разработки и администрирования веб-сайтов CuteSITE представляет собой уникальную разработку, позволяющую создавать веб-сайты, совершенно не вмешиваясь файловую систему веб-сервера, т.е. так называемую систему “through-the-web” – все через браузер. ПроизводительностьНа каждом этапе разработке системы CuteSITE учитывался фактор ...
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    OOB/N1 is a PHP5 Framework. Its meant to work under IIS/Apache and Win/Linux enviroments without modifications. This framework is not a simple Template/DB pack, but a complete engine to develop PHP-Applications.
  9. MamboChina
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    MamboChina is based on Mambo golden edition,corrects the bugs found in the Chinese version,adds some functions which is suitable for Chinese users,and provides some useful plugins and templates.
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    phpEditMe is a light-weight web-based editor for websites, documentation, and source code. It includes a file manager, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a backup system, and can (optionally) enforce the formatting of Dreamweaver templates.
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    At-tension CMS, PHP based CMS system which is designed to run on any PHP capable web-server.Features of At-tension CMS:- No own templating language- No cryptographic urls (urls will follow menu structure)- XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.1 compliant- Follow WAI suggestions- I18n
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    Pindorama is an open source content management system designed for security and performance written in PHP, using XSLT as a templating system, and XML files as a database. It generates and outputs the result as flat files to the production website.
  13. POT - PHP Object Template
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    POT - PHP Object Template is developed to totally divide logic from the design. It requires no professional PHP skills, just writing some XML tags in the html code, This PHP template engine will parse it to create the final working page. or ‘working page’ is inteded a page that uses technologies like Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, animated objects, form ...
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    PhpGuestbook is a guestbook application written in PHP which provides text formatting, smilies, templates and an administration interface. It uses the PEAR::DB interface to connect to various databases and it is os independent.
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    iBulletin is a new brand of message boards, it features a great index and great speed. iBulletin has a good template and language system. iBulletin will not include useless features that will clutter up the server and slow it down. iB is coded in PHP.
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