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  1. Lithron
    2523 total visits
    Lithron is a CSS2 compatible PDF renderer for XML templates based on PDFlib written in PHP5. It's super-slim and comes with a lot of features, like image import and unicode support.Lithron a BSD-licensed CSS2 compatible PDF-Renderer is written in PHP5 which touches down on the PDFlib. It is an OpenSource PHP PDF project. Lithron processes XML-Templates to ready PDF files. ...
  2. Puzzle Apps CMS
    2175 total visits
    Puzzle Apps CMS is a Content Management System developed in PHP, using XSLT as templating engine. The project can run on different SQL servers (MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL soon Firebird) with ADODB or PEAR::DB as DBAL. UNIX/Linux like permissions system.
  3. No Screenshot
    2092 total visits
    Ananta is an Open Source CMS solution, which fully complies with W3C HTML 1.0 strict regulations, is as Search Engine Friendly as it gets and is easily extendable with custom modules and templates.
  4. Fuse PHP MVC Framework
    2003 total visits
    Fuse PHP MVC Framework, a simple but very robust PHP Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to support rapid application development.Features of Fuse PHP MVC Framework:- data modeling, - built-in user authentication, - a robust templating system, - image management, and more. Tips: Just wanted to let everyone know that while the 1.x branch of Fuse is still ...
  5. Runner
    1789 total visits
    Runner is a PHP based template system designed for rapid development, and rapid theme changing in web sites. It is a PHP template engine where the data for the page can be set and never altered, while the look of the page changes around it. With Runner, it is now easier than ever to create an entirely different layout without ...
  6. CS-Content [Dynamic Content System]
    1934 total visits
    Generic framework designed to leverage the power of a templating system and PHP includes, all running through a single display script. The project allows incredibly fast building of an intelligent website without having to write a script for every page.
  7. Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook
    3077 total visits
    Main features of Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook: - UTF-8 messages, - template based customization, - comprehensive field validation, - pending/censored/private messages, - message preview, - visual confirmation (Captcha), - owner comment,- exporting messages in HTML.
  8. No Screenshot
    1192 total visits
    Sourdough is a comprehensive web application framework for PHP5. It provides developers with components such as User Management, Session Handling, User Authentication, Exception Handling and Logging, Template System, and Database Abstraction.
  9. No Screenshot
    948 total visits
    MyAppFW is basic php application framework designed to be used as a base or learning guide for PHP projects that need (Multiple) Template Support, Advanced DB Support, Proper Email handling and some other basic useful functions for live dynamic websites.
  10. No Screenshot
    1797 total visits
    phpWAFr is a PHP Web Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications. It's composed of a set of infra-structure classes, functions and webpage templates for support all kind of CRUD operations.
  11. No Screenshot
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    Template Parser Engine is a PHP Project designed to help developer create automatically different file formats. With this free project, developer only needs to set special tags into templates, and this PHP template will then create dynamic code automatically to covert pictures and send email.
  12. PHPEcho CMS
    1737 total visits
    PHPEcho CMS, Content Managemant System which have own template and multilanguage system. With PHPEcho CMS you can write your own modules & blocks easy.With PHPEcho CMS you can design your own Themes, and finally you can translate PHPEcho CMS.
  13. No Screenshot
    1623 total visits
    LayManSys - Layout Management System - is a PHP framework, that helps you providing a consistent look & feel of your web pages. It stores the meta information about the documents in RDF files and uses them for generating the HTML frame (<head> and footer).
  14. No Screenshot
    1580 total visits
    OpenPB, an Open Source bulletin board written entirely in object oriented PHP, including almost all up to date features.The project includes also several programming libraries, like template engine or database layer.
  15. No Screenshot
    2110 total visits
    SADTEC is a KERNEL(!!) for Webapplications with AJAX support through XAJAX, a template support through PHPTAL and IE pre7 support trough Dean Edwards IE7 Javascript library. It's Mother-Project is the Himowe-Project.
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