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    Yupi is content management system that you can easily extend and customize. Build using OOP style and has native support for nice directory urls. Customized trough themes and templates.
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    Easy CMS is a content management system that let's you manage a completely template driven site. Add news, galleries, let people add comments and to manage those comments. The formats of the galleries and the news are completely configurable so you can have a site with the look that you want. Now Easy CMS includes features to better manage the ...
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    Welcome to 8TEM.COM. Here, you can find variety of free web template collection whether it is html template, php templates or theme templates, such as xoops. Our collection is growing daily so be sure to check back often for more Free Templates.If you can't find a free template that suits your needs, you can always check our shop at 8TEM'S ...
  4. Contentor CMS
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    Contentor CMS, an easy to learn CMS that includes web-based editing, auto menu, an event calendar and a forms processor. It uses an HTML template with a few added PHP tags. Supports embedded HTML and a simple BBCode-like markup language.
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    Easysite is a program entirely written in PHP that allows you to create your web site fast and easy. Once you create the content of your site, Easysite automatically builds your entire Web site using templates.The program looks for existing directory after directory, and creates an image for a sub-category. Then it looks for existing html pages and prints it ...
  6. Simple Fast Blog
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    A simple and fast blog helps you to manage your blog as easy as you want.Key Features of Simple Fast Blog:- Easy installation, just plug and play.- Complete administration control over users, categories, posts, and replies.- Add unlimited attachments to posts.- Allow Guest reply.- Enable/Disable user registration.- Customizable email and web templates.- Integrated search by title, post, or both.- Enable/Disable ...
  7. Pixelpost Photoblog
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    If you're interested in setting up a photoblog, Pixelpost Photoblog might be for you. Heavily geared towards photobloggers, pixelpost comes with all the features that's been set as standard by the photoblogging community, keeping every level of photography skill in mind.The setup is a breeze and you'll get going in no-time. The look is completely customizable with a simple template ...
  8. PluggedOut Blog
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    PluggedOut Blog is a MySQL solution for blogs, journals, diaries or any kind of calendar application. It has been developed by a professional software developer - meaning the code is easy to read, light and fast.If nothing else it serves as a good example for people starting out in programming of how to develop a thin client (web) application.Features of ...
  9. SimplyBibTeX
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    SimplyBibTeX is a PHP application that renders BibTeX through a simple template system. It can output XHTML, RSS and Atom and is easily extensible. There is no need for a database as it runs on the plain BibTeX files. All contextual data is stored in meta files. You can submit additional entries or whole libraries.Features of SimplyBibTeX:- View BibTeX in ...
  10. PHPlib Template
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    PHPlib Template allows you to keep your HTML code in some external files which are completely free of PHP code. It is an object-oriented application development toolkit for PHP. It is primarily of benefit to Web application developers, but contains classes which are useful to other PHP developers as well. The class provides you with functions which can fill in ...
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    Pine template implements a template processing engine. It reads templates from files with special marks that start by { and end in }.Pine template takes as argument an associative array with all template variables. It traverses the template file data to replace all occurrences of the template variables by the respective values.
  12. Php ODT Reports
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    PODR is a PHP mailmerging and converting library mostly designed to parse and convert ODT templates to DOC/PDF.It is an OpenSource PHP PDF project. Templating is based on Savant, Conversion uses a webservice of JODConverter. A filter is available to include runtime generated images.
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    Tagging Manager is a tool where each user can tag website's with meta-data.Features of Tagging manager: - Template based System, - RSS-output, - Multiuser Language support, - Archive of tagged pages, - Automatic tag-suggetions based on page metadata, - Taxonomy-system.
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    An implementation of Flash Remoting for PHP allowing seamless data exchange between PHP and the Flash player.AMF allows for binary serialization of Action Script (AS2, AS3) native types and objects to be sent to server side services. AMFPHP is challenged with implementing the entire AMF protocol to be an alternative to Flex Data Services (AMF3) and Flash Remoting (AMF0).AMFPHP allows ...
  15. BluuCMS
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    BluuCMS, the Free CMS system built on the PHP & MySQL platform.Features of BluuCMS:- Easy to use admin panel.- User accounts.- Friendly URLs.- Plugin system.- Theme / Template system.- Page caching
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