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  1. Template Blocks
    884 total visits
    Template Blocks is a visual PHP template engine to replace any semantics of previous generation engines with an AJAX interface, It is created with the logic of the web designer in mind and is aiming to help you create web templates easier and faster.Features of Template Blocks PHP Template Engine:- Visual Interface: On a basic level of use, Template blocks ...
  2. Open Power Template
    1008 total visits
    Open Power Template is a PHP template engine for PHP5. Its task is to produce a full HTML code from the script data and code templates that show, how and where put them. OPT has many features not only for programmers, but also for template writers that make this process nice and easy.Features of Open Power Template:- Built-in XML parser ...
  3. ClanSphere
    932 total visits
    ClanSphere is an advanced web CMS for clan and gaming related pages. This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and gaming related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. ClanSphere can work from a wide range of PHP versions and database drivers. Features of ClanSphere:- ...
  4. Yellow Duck Framework
    345 total visits
    The Yellow Duck Framework is an object oriented framework that will help you with creating web applications. It's implemented using the popular PHP web scripting language. It is based on the idea of requests that can perform actions. Each request is a separate entity in the web application that takes care of a certain number of (related) actions. Each action ...
  5. Bloggie Lite
    468 total visits
    Bloggie Lite is the lite version of myBloggie, which is an open-source PHP Blog publishing system licensed under the GPL. Built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language & database system enable Bloggie Lite to be installed in any webservers. It was built using the new generation of scripting concept for future consideration. It's simple, user-friendly, equipped with ...
  6. Mandarin CCDS
    449 total visits
    Mandarin CCDS is a PHP5/MySql5 based CMS including Smarty Template Engine, Xajax and jQuery with multi language support, in place editing and much more useful features.Mandarin CCDS uses a different approach of storing and returning contents than most other content management systems. The backend stores all objects (contents) in a tree structure. All objects belong to a certain class and ...
  7. FrogCMS
    535 total visits
    Frog CMS is designed to simplify content management with an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions as well as the tools necessary for file management.Frog CMS is recognized as the PHP version of Radiant CMS, a famous Ruby on Rails application with its own development path. The project features for its simple templating code.Requirements:- ...
  8. ReloadCMS
    455 total visits
    ReloadCMS is a free CMS written on PHP and based on flat files. It does not need any DB installed(!) and realise all abilities of high-level CMS like modularity, templates, users management, advanced rights system and package of main modules like articles, news, guestbook, minichat, filearchive, forum, catalogue and others...
  9. eZ publish CMS
    2641 total visits
    eZ Publish is an enterprise open source web content management. Templates represent the fundamental unit of site design in eZ Publish. For example, a template might dictate that a page should appear with the site's title at the top and with the main content in the middle. When the page is accessed, the Content Management System places the content (the ...
  10. Somery
    1690 total visits
    Somery is a lightweight weblogging script. It's easy to install, easy to template and even easier to operate. It has full article functionality. as well as comment management, timezone settings, additional pages and an RSS 2.0 syndication feed. Bottom line, though - it's under 50k and it's as intuitive a script as you're going to find.Installation:- Open up config.php and ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1740 total visits
    Informium is a fully featured advanced news script intended for use within a web site. Informium was programmed in PHP 4 and uses a MySQL backend for its database.It features the ability to add, edit or delete users of differing access levels. Also features sections with optional image support and a templating system.
  12. No Screenshot
    1702 total visits
    Guests can sign, register an account if they wish to be able to edit, and also respond to the entries of other guests. Security image prevents spam. Add unlimited custom fields. Set max/min message length, choose required fields, ban IPs, disallow HTML and add custom codes to replace it, add smilies, or e-mail guests.Member avatars and profiles. Advanced usergroup permissions. ...
  13. Ascended Dictionary
    2400 total visits
    Ascended Dictionary is an easy to use online dictionary.Featuring of Ascended Dictionary:- admin panel,- direct edit and delete, - ajax load of categories, - search in word and description, templates, language files,- dynamic category creation, - user set categories, - UTF-8 compatible. - Fast and easy installation.
  14. ecoCMS
    9783 total visits
    ecoCMS Free is simple, easy to install and even easier to use,Comntent Management System (CMS). "Quick Edition" comes with the most basic feature,like online subpages editing in visial mode, without HTML knowledge.website configuration can be done in single file, where you can set admin's username and password as well as the most important website parameters like Meta Tags, webiste name, ...
  15. TinyButStrong
    2022 total visits
    TinyButStrong is a PHP Template Engine. It’s a single Php class with 6 methods and 5 properties. The tags of TinyButStrong can be visible with any Visual (wysiwyg) Html Editor.TinyButStrong supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and other databases in native. It merges blocs ; sub-blocs ; multi-columns ; Html lists, radio buttons and checkboxes ; sub-templates ; … It performs headers ...
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