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  1. PHP XTemplate
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    XTemplate is a PHP template engine that allows you to store your HTML code separately to your PHP code. It has many useful features yet code is short and highly optimized. The code is stored here but eveything else is on its homepage. XTemplate has been around for several years, it is considered stable and mature and has been used ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    PH7Xsl is a simple but effective and powerful template engine running PHP with XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations). With XSLT syntax, your template code and may be portable to virtually any programming language. It also allows for the separation of PHP code and template code to have a much more professional software and template much more clean and clear! ;-)
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    K2 is an advanced theme template for the WordPress blogging engine. K2 allows theme developers to build a graphic layout on top of a powerful PHP framework with lots of features geared toward a better content administration in WordPress. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Appereance--->Themes' menu in WordPress. Features of K2:- ...
  4. Loci
    96 total visits
    Loci is a PHP and JSON based template engine. Loci takes the content of JSON files and inserts it in special tags inside PHP files. This operation is called templating and is currently used on a large scale in most programming languages in creating and outputting dynamic Web content. Requirements:- PHP 5.4 or Higher
  5. No Screenshot
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    uTemplate is a small PHP script for implementing a simple template engine, which is under 20 lines of code. It is extremely lightweight, but not that full of features.
  6. Kirby CMS
    699 total visits
    Kirby CMS is a flat file-based PHP CMS. It allows writing content in static files and then printing them out on a web page using complex templates. Features of Kirby CMS:- Instant installation- Any content you like- Design your own templates- jQuery inspired API- No database involved Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Multi-Language Support- Auto ...
  7. Silurus
    1486 total visits
    Silurus is a professionally developed Open Source PHP Classifieds script that was built for you. Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles, bicycles, rv’s, guns, horses, or general merchandise, our product is the right package for you. It has template system and no limit to usage with free for any changes. Features of Silurus:- Open Source hosted on github- ...
  8. mustache.php
    318 total visits
    mustache.php is the PHP version of the Mustache templating engine. Mustache is a framework-agnostic logic-less templating language. It enforces separation of view logic from template files. Due to its structure, the template doesn't even allow or makes it possible to embed logic in a template. Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher Limitations:- Sections don't respect delimiter changes -- delimiters example currently ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    SithTemplate is a text-based PHP template engine. The project uses a Django-based syntax. It is fast and simple to integrate, while providing a powerful extensions mechanism. The whole standard library is implemented as libraries - including loops, blocks, conditionals and template inheritance. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher Limitations:- Development has stopped on this project.
  10. No Screenshot
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    Snape is a PHP tool consisting of two scripts, Snare and Ape: Snare transparently fuses languages (XML/Ape files) with PHP or Smarty templates while.Ape provides substitution capabilities being an XML/SimpleXML extension.
  11. Template CMS
    1192 total visits
    Template CMS is a fast and lighweight content management system. It is a free PHP CMS project, which allows you to easily create a promo site, satellite, personal page of a person who has no experience in PHP or HTML.Features of Template CMS:- Esy to install, use and update- Simple multilingual administration interface- Mininum requirements for web hosting(without sqlDB only ...
  12. Real Estate Management
    1715 total visits
    Real Estate Management is a Powerful PHP Classified Ads project. It is the perfect real estate management solution for real estate professionals. Get all your listings on the web with free, easy to use web-based real estate management software. Create your areas, school districts and property types and even upload images. Fully featured system includes extensive search options, image uploading ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    Limny is a free and Open Source PHP and MySQL CMS (content management system) with a focus on ease to use and develop. Advance customizations can be made to it by installing modules, themes and translations. The free PHP CMS proves to be very fast handling and easy to customize.It can be used as a stable and powerful core for ...
  14. h2o template
    499 total visits
    h2o template is an elegant PHP template engine inspired a lot by Django templates, Smarty and Jinja. h2o template has a readable and natural syntax, reuse template inclusion and inheritance, various caching support with multiplte back-end. You can also extend H2o-PHP template through filters, tags and template extensions. Features of h2o template:- Readable and natural syntax.- Reuse template inclusion and ...
  15. Sugar - PHP Template Engine
    472 total visits
    Sugar - PHP Template Engine aims to provide a simple but flexible API, a friendly and easy macro language, and intelligent and easy caching functionality. Security is the highlighted feature of this PHP template engine. It also features for a clean and easy to understand syntax, which was created with the average designer in mind.The engine is implemented as a ...
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