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  1. ClassSimple
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    ClassSimple aims to provide an online platform for student-teacher interaction while being as simple to manage as possible. Features include, online documents, grades, and multiple-choice tests.
  2. SchoolMate
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    SchoolMate is a PHP/MySQL solution for elementary, middle and high schools.Administration can manage the classes and users, teachers can manage the assignments and grades, students can access their information, and parents can check up on their students. http://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/vhttp://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/
  3. No Screenshot
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    This set of webpages is my attempt to make portal applications about of common applications. PortalXP - Teacher Edition is a PHP/MySQL application used to create a common front-end for teacher websites.
  4. gTurnos
    1288 total visits
    gTurnos is a block for Moodle, which manages the delivery of turns. It considers necessities of teachers and students. You can use gTurnos in English and Spanish.
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