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    The LATRIX is an HR support web application. It provides presence and attendance recording, attendance tracking, paperless leave applications (with freely definable leave types), block periods, a fire register and extensive reporting options.
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    TaXioN: velocissimo registratore di accessi ad un ufficio URP o ad un help desk. Consente di immagazzinare le informazioni secondo categorie predefinite ed effettuare vari tipo di analisi statistiche.
  3. SHINE Live Help
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    SHINE Live Help is a live support chat application for website sales and support. It works as a standalone chat and integrates with Sugar Open Source CRM.
  4. Tech Tickets
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    Tech Tickets, web/PHP/Mysql based tech ticket system, to track user requests and document resolution from the IT staff at a company (or outsourced IT company).
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    MyHelpdesk is a PHP/MySQL Helpdesk system appropriate for the Support Desk of small organizations. The system was originally based on the OneOrZero Helpdesk but with a different set of features.
  6. PHP Helpdesk
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    This web app PHP Helpdesk builds forplication handles tasks associated with a helpdesk.The program currently uses PHP and MySQL. Users can add, modify, and delete such things as current tasks. A new version is about to be released
  7. Obelus Helpdesk
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    Obelus is a Free Helpdesk System written in PHP. It uses a standard mailbox to create Trouble Tickets and archives them in a MySQL database. Obelus has been in production use for nearly 3 months.
  8. Suppy
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    Suppy is a small customer support system based on PHP and MySQL.
  9. Integria IMS
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    Integria is a complete ticketing system, integrated with a powerful project management system. Also includes a inventory management subsystem, a file release/download section, a Knowledgue Base, an agenda and other useful tools for a team. Integria ITIL Management System is a new way of understanding and manage organizations: Projects, Knowledge Base, Incident tracking, and Inventory. All tracking could be reviewed ...
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