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    WebSVN is a PHP, Web-based Subversion repository browser. WebSVN allows users to access and interact with Subversion repositories via their browsers. It permits lots of operations, from editing repo files to debugging and following code in real-time. Features of WebSVN:- Multi-lingual interface- Themes- Easy to install- Works with local or remote SVN repos- Fine-grained restrictions- Code syntax highlighting- MIME type ...
  2. ViewSVN
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    ViewSVN provides simple and easy to set up web interface for viewing SVN repositories. It uses svn commandline tools so it works without direct repository access (but that can be used as well). The downside is that it may be rather slow, but hopefully that will be fixed in the future.Features of ViewSVN:- Have ViewSVN serve multiple repositories (they don't ...
  3. InDefero
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    Indefero is a PHP Project Management System with the simplest code designed for better code management. It features for Git and Subversion integration, issue tracking, timeline, documentation wiki, code review and file distribution. Features of InDefero:- Simple to use.- Multiple projects with one installation.- Bug and issue tracker.- Collaborative documentation.- Downloads area.- Code browser with git, Subversion and Mercurial. Mercurial ...
  4. iF.SVNAdmin
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    The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI to your Subversion authorization file. It is based on PHP 5.3 and requires a web server (Apache) to be installed. The application doesn’t need a database back end or anything similar, it completely based on the Subversion authorization- and user authentication file. (Inludes LDAP support for users and groups)
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    WebSVNAdmin is a webinterface to manage users, groups and SVN-repositories. The project includes WebSVN as an SVN-Viewer. With WebSVNAdmin, it is never a hard mission to organize a forum, for you can easily create or delete repositories and manage the users and rights.
  6. Groogle
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    Groogle is a web based peer code review tool providing a range of features aimed at easing the code review process.Features of Groogle:- Subversion integration, working against live repositories.- Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages.- Comparisons of entire repository trees to find added, removed and modified files and directories.- Diffing of individual files and a graphical representation of ...
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    New v1.1.3.140 - Now includes a DB script! Managing SVN rights for multiple repos mirrored at multiple locations can be a daunting task. svnDashboard provides a simple, web-based, AJAX-enabled user interface for managing Several repositories and users.
  8. SVNManager
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    SVNManager is a webbased administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.With SVNManager you can remotely:- Create, remove, load and dump repositories- Manage user accounts for access to the repositories- Manage groups for acces to the repositories- Invite users by email to create an account on the server
  9. Svn-access-manager
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    SVN Access Manager is a powerful tool for managing access to subversion repositories. The tool provides user and group management and access rights (read/write) to dedicated paths in a repository as well.
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    Subversion Web Control (SWC) is an "SVN Client" that allows to control a Webspace for Web-Projects based on SVN via Web Browser. Update your webspace, switch to tags or branches, run SVN commands and much more. Check 'Home Page' link for details.
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    phpMakeUpdate is a Web-based intranet tool for export only modified files from Subversion repository. With five mouse clicks you can create the gzip compressedpackage for update your projects.
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