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  1. openSIS Community Edition
    4180 total visits
    OpenSIS, is a free student information system that rivals costly commercial alternatives in looks, functionality, ease of use and administration. OpenSIS is the centerpiece of an evolving set of integrated open source education applications that support schools and districts. openSIS is a game changer and a new paradigm in administrative education software
  2. ClassSimple
    2381 total visits
    ClassSimple aims to provide an online platform for student-teacher interaction while being as simple to manage as possible. Features include, online documents, grades, and multiple-choice tests.
  3. No Screenshot
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    Command School Student Management System, a web based student/school management system.Features of Command School Student Management System:- Completely web based open source student management system- Manage unlimited schools and students- Integrated chat feature for teachers, admins, and parents- Homework area where teachers post and parents see homework- Parents emailed automatically for discipline or attendance event- Totally integrated health system
  4. SASHA
    2324 total visits
    The Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homework Assistant is a tool designed to help the student manage his or her many assignments to ensure that they are all completed efficiently and on time.
  5. No Screenshot
    2473 total visits
    Web Teaching is a complete package that enables the user to implement a web portal that allows the professor-student interaction. A great variety of functions are provided to the professor and students to guarantee the best communication between professor and student.
  6. The Liberated Students' Movement site.
    2311 total visits
    The web site of the liberated students' movement (TLSM). The Liberated Students' Movement site designed to be flexible to the users and developers how want to help improve it or use parts of it, currently have calendar, news sending system, and skin changing system (beta release).
  7. Centre
    1903 total visits
    Centre is an open-source student information system written in PHP. It is web-based, and runs on PostgreSQL.
  8. SchoolMate
    2662 total visits
    SchoolMate is a PHP/MySQL solution for elementary, middle and high schools.Administration can manage the classes and users, teachers can manage the assignments and grades, students can access their information, and parents can check up on their students. http://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/vhttp://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/
  9. No Screenshot
    2762 total visits
    Site intranet permettant de grer une communaut (ici d'tudiants d'un mme batiment) et donc d'accroitre la communication entre eux (news, mini-forum, mail, chat, annuaire, ...).
  10. No Screenshot
    2752 total visits
    PhpAlumni is an web-based alumni management written in PHP/MySQL. It enables former students to stay in touch, post job offerings, search for people, spread news or organize reunions.
  11. gTurnos
    1288 total visits
    gTurnos is a block for Moodle, which manages the delivery of turns. It considers necessities of teachers and students. You can use gTurnos in English and Spanish.
  12. No Screenshot
    1906 total visits
    iPeer - a web-based platform/database independent application (written in PHP) to develop and deliver peer evaluations, review and release student comments, build rubrics and progress report forms online, configure email notifications and etc..Features of iPeer:- Built upon the CakePHP framework.- Redesigned layout.- Flash tutorials for instructors.- Integration with CWL (Campus-Wide Login).- AJAX enabled pages
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