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  1. AIStockBot
    2458 total visits
    AIStockBot aims to become the greatest Technical and Fundamental Stock Analysis program written in Php. Using Artificial Intelligence, it should pick stocks better than you. Includes Portfolio & Document Management Systems. Focus on indicators, statistics.
  2. Open Rent Stock
    2721 total visits
    Open Rent Stock, universal web based, easy to use, Multiuser, Multilanguage Project based Stock and Rent management Software with article-stock-timeline, Truck-load-manager, extern Client booking Module and Excel-export. Runs on PHP and MySQL.
  3. PhpGdStock : Gestion des stocks
    2032 total visits
    L'application permet de grer les stocks de l'entreprise avec une fonction permettant de prvoir quand les stock seront puis. Le logiciel permet d'enregistrer les commandes et d'enlever du stock les pices ncessaire la commande.
  4. Stock Tracker
    1713 total visits
    Stock Tracker is a simple utility that allows users to create "watchlists" of their favorite stocks to monitor performance over time. It leverages the power of ADODB and PHP/SWF Charts.
  5. BlueERP
    2774 total visits
    BlueERP is a web based ERP for small and medium business. The project is written in PHP, it is delivered through a LAMP environment to provide web access to your business data, accounts, stock, etc.
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