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    127 total visits
    ezStats Serverviewer is a PHP-based server statistics script for Battlefield 3 gamers. ezStats Serverviewer can be used to track player statistics by server instead of user account. Install, add BF3 servers and keep track of everybody's performances on that specific server. ezStats Serverviewer is an extension to ezStats, a leaderboard system available for the following games:Battlefield 3Battlefield Bad Company 2Medal ...
  2. Disk Usage Report
    423 total visits
    Disk Usage Report is a web-based PHP script for viewing disk usage statistics. It will work with local or remote servers. Reports are stored as static files which are retrieved via AJAX. Features of Disk Usage Report:- View reports via the browser- Reports are saved as static files- No database required- Documentation Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher What's New in ...
  3. CNStats
    592 total visits
    CNStats is a flexible solution for web-site statistics collection and management. CNStats provides absolutely precise statistics encompassing all visits. More than 50 reports are available via web-interface and works on any PHP and MySQL hosting platform.CNStats is easily installed on a web-site. CNStats can count both human visitors and web-bots. It supports various types of counters. CNStats provides a unique ...
  4. SlimStat
    622 total visits
    SlimStat is a simple but powerful web analytics program that you can setup and get running in seconds and be able to handle a large amount of data pretty fast and has an AJAX interface that is also optimized for mobile devices.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher- MySQL 4.0 or HigherWhat’s new in this version:- Faster loading of large amounts of ...
  5. CrazyStat
    678 total visits
    CrazyStat is a PHP web analytics script. It does not need access to server-logfiles or a MySQL-database to generate statistics of your website visitors. The script has very good usability and still has lots of features. The stats only need one screen length to present all the information. Features of CrazyStat:General:- Statistics and counter in just one script!- live: all ...
  6. POLAR Statistics
    415 total visits
    POLAR Statistics is an advanced, light-weight, php based website statistics package.Features of POLAR Statistics:- Advanced Graphing- Search term collection, sorted by search engine- Ability to view todays search terms- Collection and tracking of non-search engine referral sources- Individual page view statistics- Daily statistics- Monthly Statistics- Visitor Host statistics- Total visits per host- Advanced Archiving- Period Averages- New visitor percentage- Pages ...
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    299 total visits
    FStat is PHP stat script, which analyses useagentstring of a visitor with the help of the useagentstring of visitor with the help of the use-agent-string.info api and stores the stats in XML files. There is no need for a database like MySQL, SQL ...Features of FStat:- detects Browser, OS, Bots, Country, Referer and Search Keywords- Show stats for a month- ...
  8. phpLedAds
    953 total visits
    phpLedAds is a simple yet very powerful PHP/MySql driven banner rotator project. Complete with Administrative control panel and statistics for each ad. This free ad management project was designed for single site use. Version 2.2 includes many upgrades including improved database design and graphed statistics (created on-the-fly). Also supports either standard image-based ads (with upload support) or rich text ads ...
  9. Web-Analiser
    1041 total visits
    Web-Analiser is a script to gather and analyze statistics of your website traffic. It provides the whole gamut of every possible statistics and reports, which analyze your visitors, pages and website traffic. Web-Analiser is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics script. Using it, you will have total control of every event at your website.Requirements: - PHP - MySQL
  10. ActualAnalyzer
    1000 total visits
    ActualAnalyzer Lite — the simple solution for personal and small business websites. It is a free PHP website traffic statistic software. The ability to collect most essential statistics about each separate page of web site will help you improve your web site and expand its audience without special complexities.Features of ActualAnalyzer:- Runs directly on your server, nothing is sent to ...
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    506 total visits
    Micro Logger logs your website visitor informations like IP, hostname, browser, referrer into a html file. Micro Logger is an Open source PHP website traffic annalysis script. Installation is quite easy, just include the file into your php code.
  12. Grape Web Statistics
    1075 total visits
    Grape Web Statistics is a free, open source PHP website traffic statistics and annlysis program that allows web developers to keep accurate statistics of visitors. The program is currently in a beta testing phase, although it appears to be reasonably stable.Features of Grape Web Statistics:- Completely free, as in open source. Licensed under the GPL.- Clean, sleek interface.- Accurately records ...
  13. phpTrafficA
    3269 total visits
    phpTrafficA is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics software, is a GPL statistical tool for web traffic analysis, written in php and mySQL. It can track access counts to your website, search engines, keywords, and referrers that lead to you, operating systems, web browsers, visitor retention, path analysis, and a lot more!With phpTrafficA, you can monitor:- multiple sites,- access ...
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    2074 total visits
    vLogger is a free PHP website log statistics script that is used to log statistics about people that visit your website on certain pages that you specify. This means you can log information about one page, or many pages.Requirements:- PHP (version 5 preferred)-1 MySQL Database
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    1608 total visits
    Atrise Realtime Stat is an free and online visitor statistics PHP website traffic statistics script. It allows you to monitor your site visitors in realtime.Atrise Realtime Stat script requires no database connection. It writes all required information to dayly-based HTML files in a secure directory on your web site. It shows you HTTP referrers, visitor path, web browser information and ...
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