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  1. VoxRank
    952 total visits
    A feature-packed, free php topsite script. Features included Up to the second ranking statistics, Easy setup - will have your topsite list running within minutes. Automatic instant addition of new members + Much More!
  2. No Screenshot
    1926 total visits
    IPTracker is the abstract class for tracking visitor id. There are two subclasses for using either a database or a file for storing the information. Currently the ip, the hostname, the time and the last visited link are stored.PUBLIC:var $countfunction getIP()function track()function getAll()function get($id)function getIdentifier()PRIVATE:function _store($ip, $host, $from)function _countEntries()
  3. No Screenshot
    2775 total visits
    Piwik is a open source real-time web analytics program and an open-source alternative to Google Analytics.Piwik was written in PHP and MySQL, and like Google Analytics needs the webmaster to embed a JavaScript tracking code into his website. Features of Piwik:- Real time web analytics reports- Your web analytics data- Modern, easy to use user interface- Piwik features are built ...
  4. DataDivisions
    1503 total visits
    DataDivisions is an open-Source, web-based application designed for web developers working on small to mid-size business websites to assist in the communication of website statistic and error log data comparisons to their employers.
  5. StatsAholic
    1333 total visits
    Statsaholic is a set of scripts that generate web based statistics for many different distributed computing efforts. Created using PHP 4. Presently only works with a MySQL database.
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