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    Synergiser is a fully-functional and expandable Content Management systems with very minimal system requirements, not even requiring a mySQL or other SQL Database daemon. Any modern webserver (apache,monkey,IIS) with PHP should work correctly.
  2. DBKiss
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    DBKiss is a one-file PHP database browser that is easy to upload and use. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL and features import/export of data, searching of the whole database or single tables, an advanced SQL editor, saving of templates, multi-query execution with pagination, and more. Features of DBKiss:- That importing data from sql files is about x10 times faster than ...
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    as_admintool can be used to provide a Web interface to manage site resources. It provides a modular AJAX based user interface to execute tasks to manage different types of site resources. It comes with several plug-in modules and can be extended with additional plug-ins. Currently as_admintool comes with modules for: - Execute SQL queries - Backup and restore tables in ...
  4. SQL Buddy
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    SQL Buddy is a web-based PHP Mysql administration. It features for no setup needed, you just need upzip the files to your server and it will be ready to use, and next step is just to log in. Complete control of users is believed to be the other feature of SQL Buddy, logins are handled directly by Mysql to create ...
  5. MySQL Sidu DB Web GUI
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    SIDU is a web-based GUI for managing databases which supports MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and CUBRID. Features of SIDU:- Web-based database administration- Cross-browser tested- Cross-platform tested- Connect to multiple servers- Firewall service- Easy manage tables, DBs, columns, etc. What's New in This Version:- Mobile/Tablet friendly: frame changed to iframe- js dynamic password encrypted for http sites connection- conn.php: dropped button: test, ...
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    Extended HTML is an extension to HTML based on XML, PHP, SQL and JavaScript technologies. The compiler is written in PHP 5 (so it can be deployed on a web page) and allows the developper to create in one file objets used both on client and server side.
  7. Hexjector
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    Hexjector is an Open source, Cross Platform PHP script to automate Site Pentest for SQL Injection Vulnerabilties.Features of Hexjector:- Check for SQL Injection Vulnerablities- Pentest SQL Injection Vulnerablities- Web Application Firewall Detector- Scan For Admin Page- Manual Dump Function- Browser- SQL Injection Type Detection- Search For Vulnerable Sites by using Google Dork- MD5 Cracker
  8. Cross Database Engine for PHP
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    CDE is a php class which implements the general database functions in PHP and provides a common sql platform for php development where developers change their databases but not their code. Supports Firebird, Mysql, Oracle, SQLite, Dbase, MSSQL.Aims of Cross Database Engine for PHP:- Write code in PHP once for any database platform- Support all PHP database connectivity- One set ...
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    POP is - Persistent Objects for PHP - is a library intended to make simple ORM for the main databases existent in the market - PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL. Complete OO and making use of PDO, it also secures your project against SQL Injection.
  10. phpMSAdmin
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    phpMSAdmin is designed to be a capable replacement for the proprietary Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager and the newer Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.By using phpMSAdmin you can manage your SQL server from any web browser, hosting the software on any OS capable of running the free and open-source PHP development language.
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    TxtSQL, Framework that uses a subset of SQL and provides php developers an alternative solution to tables and databases, particularly those who do not have a database service (like mySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, ORACLE...).Comes packaged with an txtSQLAdmin.
  12. Ars Lab
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    ArsLab is written in PHP with MySQL and is a set of scripts with SQL back end that allow self-registration to labs or other pre-sechduled events.
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    UeberProject Management System, Project document and management tracking system written in PHP using PostgreSQL to store user, project and document related data and MySQL to store the documents, with revision control.
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    Glibms is Library management software developed using PHP and PostgreSQL to automate the different activities carried out in the library.
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    PHP Guestbook script is meant to manage a guest book storing its records either in XML files database or in a SQL database. Currently it supports only MySQL databases. You can use Guestbook script to add new records, delete records, update a record, get and sort records to show up on your website. These methods are independent of chosen database ...
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