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    CrawlTrack is a PHP and MySQL web traffic analysis tool for tracking and interpreting website usage. It provides a self-hosted alternative Google Analytics, allowing the user to keep all his stored data and customize stats display to fit his needs. Features of CrawlTrack:- Visitors statistics- Keywords- Indexation follow-up- Crawlers statistics- One site summary- All sites summary- Multi-lingual- Graphic installer- Documentation- ...
  2. Sphider
    3040 total visits
    Sphider is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project which using MySQL as its back database. Sphider is a great tool for adding search functionality to your website or buliding your custom search engine, it is a powerful PHP search engine.Sphider installed and modified easily, and used in thousands of websites across the world.Sphider supports all standard search options, but ...
  3. OpenWebSpider
    4244 total visits
    OpenWebSpider ia a free PHP search engine project, OpenWebSpider uses MySQL Server as the backend to store the index.The new released OpenWebSpider v0.1.4 is featured with MP3s and PDFs support! Complete CHANGELOG of OpenWebSpider:- Mysql/NET Connector upgraded to Enhanced encodings support- New feature: Support to META: “robots” (NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW)- New feature: New configuration file field: crawler_id- New field “crawler_id” ...
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    PhpDig is a web spider and PHP search engine project, using a MySQL database and flat file support.PhpDig search engine can store textual content of indexed documents in files. PhpDig search engine builds a glossary with words found in indexed pages. On a search query, it displays a result page containing the search keys, ranked by occurrence.Features of PhpDig:-HTTP spidering-Full-text ...
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    Bee-rain is a web crawler that harvest and index file over the network. It is a free PHP search engine software.Bee-rain helps you in your sleep by comparing, filtering, analyzing citations of brands, companies and personalities on the Internet. Bee-rain then produces statistics and visualization tools (graphs, clouds, histograms) facilitate detection and monitoring of companies, brands and personalities.Requirements:- PHP 4.3.0- ...
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    WEB-PA is a spider indexing a set of web sites for collecting statistics. It is currently being run on sites of Italian Public Administrations and studies/reports on their WWW standards compliance, but it can serve for a number of purposes.
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    PHPCrawl is a PHP framework searching the Web. It can be used in writing search crawlers (spiders) that mine Web pages for various information. PHPCrawl acquires information it was configured to fetch and passes it to more powerful apps for further processing. Features of PHPCrawl:- Filters for URL and Content-Type data- Define ways to handle cookies- Define ways to handle ...
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